Friday, 21 February 2014

Weird But Wonderful!

Some tips within the fashion and beauty industry sometimes end up falling short of our expectations, however recently while at college, a friend suggested a trick, which I can only called weird but wonderful.
       I had a day where my tights just were not holding up, and I'll be the first to say pulling up your tights in public isn't one of the most lady like things a girl can do, especially when they keep slipping every five minutes! So my friend told me if you wear a pair of nickers or tummy control pants over the top of your tights, it keeps your tights up all day without you having to keep pulling at them. 
      Although I was skeptical at first, the next time I wore tights I tried it out and to my satisfaction, they stayed up all day, so there you have it, a wired yet wonderful fact, when wearing tights double up your knickers to stop yanking up your tights. 

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

S&G Clean On Me: A Beautiful Disaster

Quick and simple beauty reviews.

I live for relaxing moments in the bath. Bubbles galore, bath bomb fizzers, it's a luxury life.  So soap and glory products, are highly rated on my list of favourites for bath time products. Clean On Me body wash, I thought would follow suit into the favourites pile, but to my surprise turned out to be, what I would call a beautiful disaster. As although it has a fantastic colour and an intoxicating smell, using this product left my skin feeling dry and stiff which is not something I particularly like in a bath product.I like to feel moisturised and refreshed and this product didn't do that. Alongside this, the pump lever made it take a while for the product to come out- call me impatient but I don't like having to pump a dozen times to get my product out when I'm relaxing! 

The review of five stars

Clean On Me Soap & Glory

Smell.                 ★★★★
Colour.              ★★★★★

Moisturising       ★★
Pump lever         ★★★
Over all              ★★

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