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Spring in to Fitness: A Spring Walk | Victoria Lucy

Time for Spring and to get you healthy body on.  When the weathers lightening up and the sun is starting to peak through the clouds, it's time to get your exercise on, outdoor style. I'm not talking hard core pull up's in the park but a light stroll around the woodlands with the pup or a friend is perfect. A little walk helps get some exercise into your daily routine and embrace the changing season. I took some snaps of my latest spring walk on  a local trail and I hope they inspire you to take up some outdoor adventures.

A peak through trees - to see through the cloudless sky
To the tunnel and beyond... 

A quick snap of lola on her walk, looking onward to the remains of bird nests left from winter.

Bright enough to cast a shadow! You bet ya, I had to take a picture of that.

Yellow Spring wonders peaking through the greenery. 

What are you doing to embrace the warmer weather? The perfect time to spring into fitness.  Victoria x

Long Distance Lovers: Twice The Arguments, Twice The Effort | Victoria Lucy

No relationship is argument free and if your's is please share your Godly tips! However when it comes to long distance, the arguments take place as usual, but without seeing each other face to face the issues become harder to resolve. Let me tell ya, long distance ain't no walk in the park, but it is worth it. However, from the 5 months we have been apart I've tried to coach and give myself advice on these difficult times, which honestly can be applied to arguments whether your other half lives home or away. So here are most helpful tips I can share with you. 

1. Empathise 
Yep, you have your points and they are valid, do not let your other half tell you otherwise. However if you look at it from their side, are you over reacting? Have you acted a bit hastily in hanging up the phone? When you see it from their point of view; was the way they acted not reasonable within the situation. Ask these questions before you create world war three and see if you can resolve it.

2. Reason

London in 26 Hours - Free & fun Activities | Victoria Lucy

A round trip to London in 26 hours, yep that's right you heard me. But did we miss out on what the big city had to offer, certainly not. Within that tight schedule, we managed to;  explore Oxford street, Visit the three story lush in all it's glory, visit the hotel, wine and dine our selves with room service, visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and grab a snack for the train (while looking over the London Eye).

You Will Need;
1. A Maps App
2. Comfy shoes
3. Energy
4. Enthusiasm for exploration

Free Activities: Window Shopping, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Spying the Eye (You don't have to go on it)

We added some sweeties and goodies from the supermarket for a treat rather than paying high train station Prices.
Likewise, of age? Well why not get your weekend started with a lovely glass of wine. Buy yours at the local supermarket to avoid expensive train prices just like we did.
Firstly, we visited Oxford street (Not Pictured) some well deserved retail therapy, with…

Beauty Fail: Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo | Victoria Lucy

When it comes to dry shampoo, I'm it's number one fan. Batiste is my favourite although it can become a little pricey at £3.50 an aerosol at you local store. Feeling a little frugal, I opted for the £1.50 herbal essences alternative but oh boy oh boy what a mistake I made. The dry shampoo left my hair feeling heavy and tacky, full of product and worse than when I originally applied it. Having blonde hair I don't usually have a problem covering it's white powdery remains when using my Batiste dry shampoo however using this herbal essence alternative left my scalp dry and it took  2-3 minutes in order to make the white streaks disappear. 
Quick 3 question overview
Would I recommend it to someone else: NO Would I use it again: NO Is it worth the money: NO
Sometimes no mater what your budget is, it's better to splurge a few more pounds than waste them. Don't be caught out by it's sleek and professional look on the shelf like I did. Learn to splurge or learn to live …