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Christmas Gift Guide For Under £10 - For Her | Victoria Lucy

While looking at my recent blog posts I found my highest viewed post for December has been my 'Christmas Gift Guide For Him'. Therefore I decided I would do the exact same thing but for her. Sticking to a £10 budget below you will find an array of gifts that could just be perfect for her. 

What is it?: A Print (customised prints available)
Where Can I get it?:
 Etsy: The Age of Prints - Click here for a direct link.
How Much Is it?:

What is it?  A Mug 
Where can I get it? 
Etsy - Foxy and Willow - Click here for a direct link
How much is it?  £7.00
What is it?:  Alphabet Candle
Where Can I get it?: Etsy LindsayLucasCandle -Click here for a direct link.
How much is it?  £5.99 What is it?: Personalised Notebook

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