Thursday, 1 June 2017

Schools Out... Lets Scream and Shout | Victoria Lucy

Schools out and when I say school I actually mean University but school just sounded better. Here in the UK, it's spring week for our schools, however, if your lucky enough to do a course like myself, university is finished for the year. And what a year it has been. What I mean by that is, it has been really bloody tough, there been no smooth running assignments for this girl. Stress would be an understatement.

However, when it comes to it.... does any university student have a smooth running experience.  To be honest, they probably do. In a recent interview one student told me 'I thought university would be so much harder'. Not gunna lie, the comment made me die a little inside. I've been trudging through that muddy pit they call university for two years. I for one, definitely do not see any dry land appearing anytime soon. Although, on another note, I did say... SUMMER BREAK is here. Time to kick back, relax and enjoy the sun. Haha, only kidding I have summer job to support's a glamorous lifestyle us working-class students live. 

Nevertheless, all the times I'm not working, I will be enjoying every moment. The beach. The Park. Clubs. Restaurants. BBQ'S and everything else that comes in toe with summer and I can not wait.  What will you be doing this summer? I hope you are living it to the fullest, getting active and most importantly staying happy. Enjoy your summer and every little moment it brings! 


Monday, 24 April 2017

12 Books in 12 Months | Victoria Lucy

This year I set a few new years resolutions. I set them to try better myself as a person. One that I set was to read more. I love reading, I always have but sometimes life just seems to get in the way and I never prioritise it. In order to reprioritise this part of my life, I tried to make an attainable goal. That being said I thought 12 books in 12 months sounded reasonable. I enjoy reading anyway so it's not a chore and I read constantly for university so I can get through a chunky book pretty fast.

Nevertheless, we are now 4 months in and I have read 3 books. I'm not quite on track, however, I have read 3 more books than this time last year and that is an achievement in itself. I'm hoping closer to summer when I'm on break for university I will be able to catch up to my end goal.  The books pictured above are are the ones next on the list and I'm super excited to have a real book in my hand. Up until now, I've been reading books on my Kindle App and just doesn't seem quite as authentic, so here's to the next 8 months.

I hope you've all kept up with any of your resolutions and if not, not to worry resolutions don't just have to be for the new year, why not start now? Comment any resolutions you're trying to keep up with and let me know how you're doing and if not tell me what your new resolutions are.

Remember, stay positive 


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Low Syn Lunch Ideas | Victoria Lucy

Lunch is my least favourite meal of the day. I never ever know what to eat. Something, filling but not too heavy, something tasty without being unhealthy, it's one of my daily struggles. So below for both my benefit and yours, I have put together one of my easiest and lowest syn concoctions. 

P.S. This does NOT include any HEA or HEB choices

Turkey Mayo,  Jacket Potato With Salad

Pros: Tasty and does have some veg in  
Cons: Not a lot of speed

You will need: 

Jacket Potatoes (FREE)
Turkey Meat  (FREE)
Lighter than Light Mayonaise (.5 Per Level Tbs) (Alternative Quark = FREE) 
Sweet Corn (Free) 
Mixed Leaf Salad (FREE and SPEED)

Salt  (FREE)
Pepper (FREE)
Garlic Salt (FREE)


Cook, your Jacket in the oven for around 200C for 1hr – 1hr 20mins. Meanwhile, cut your turkey into small bite-size pieces and place in a bowl.  Add half a tin of sweetcorn or however much you desire and 1 Level tablespoon of lighter than light mayonnaise. Further, add, salt, pepper and garlic salt to taste. Mix all ingredients together until they're evenly coated. Place the bowl in the fridge till the potato is ready. Once the potatoes ready to cut it into four quarters, season if required and place your filling in the middle. Place mixed leaves on the side for a simple accompaniment. Feel free to add a larger salad if required.

Helpful Tip: If you're in a rush McCains Frozen Jackets only take 5 minutes and are only 1 syn. However always use fresh if possible! You can even cook a batch of fresh potatoes at the beginning of the week, keep them in tin foil in the fridge and warm them up in the microwave when you would like one.

Hope that helps, thanks, 


Monday, 10 April 2017

Trying and Failing and Failing and Failing | Victoria Lucy

Dear All,

As previously mentioned I'm a sufferer of anxiety. Failing and being told that I've done things wrong not only gives me that sinking feeling but I'm forever anxious to try them again. I wanted this blog to always be positive and happy, however in reality that's not life. Therefore today's blog post reflects exactly how I'm feeling. And that is down.

I woke this morning with an uncertain feeling in my stomach. I couldn't place why I felt like that, I just did. I had my obligations to look after my nephews; taking them to and from school and playing my role as an Auntie. However, I still had this overwhelming anxious knot I couldn't shift. Just as I found the motivation to dress and get ready for the day, I received and email saying my assignment results were ready to collect. I was hopeful. I was optimistic. I was...disappointed. 

That knot that was in the pit of my stomach had unravelled to the tips of my fingers and the depths of my toes. The grade was much less than I was hoping for. This paper I had; read, researched, draughted upon draughted, had got a result that quite simply knocked the wind out of me.  I was disappointed, to say the least. The effort which I felt I put into the paper clearly hadn't transferred to the marker. That been said an anxious morning has turned into a long and dispiriting day in which many tears have rolled. 

All I want is to curl up in my bed. A cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other and forget about this day. The most distressing part of the day which is why I feel so on edge is because I need to top up my grade because I only JUST reached it last semester. The pressure of paying £9,000 for university fees to come out with a fail at the end of it makes my blood curdle. 

My minds thoroughly flipped and flopped today. Should I stay at uni? Am I gunna fail? What more can I do? Should I give up? Is everyone gunna give up on me? To say I have overthought things would be an understatement.

I'm sad to say the blog post won't have a happy ending but not all days do. Do they?  And I feel it's important to realise that. I have no answers to the questions that I asked above, although I hope I will soon. I hope that I have the motivation to get better grades. However, I do question if I had all that motivation for this essay and still got a rubbish mark: what else can I possibly I do!?


Friday, 7 April 2017

DIY: Hexagon Shelves | Victoria Lucy

Recently I moved house, and I was finding it really difficult to find a statement piece to go on my main wall above my bed. I tried so many options including; tapestry's, photo art, string art, mirrors and pictures and I didn't like any.  Taking my woes to Youtube I found an abundance of Pinterest D.I.Y's.  Some remained so far out my league although one did pique my interest. Hexagon Lollipop Shelves.

I'm not going to pretend I have come up with a ground-breaking idea. Nevertheless below you can find links to everything you will need and a video on a how to: Pinterest perfect hexagon shelving. Click each material to be lead to its appropriate link.

What You Will Need:  

Spray Paint or Wood Stain 

To Decorate Like Mine:
Fashion Prints

However what's best about these shelves as you don't have to decorate them like anyone. They can be completely unique to you.  You may even add fairy lights to light them up. 

Find the video I used here:

All Credit to, WhatsUpMoms on Youtube, Find her Youtube Channel by Clicking On the Link

I think these look perfect on on my wall as a statement piece. Since having these on my walls anybody who has seen them as complimented them and asked if they're really homemade!  For a relatively inexpensive decor piece why not give it ago? 


Monday, 3 April 2017

Depression Survivor | Victoria Lucy

Dear All, 


I know I can call myself a depression survivor. You may call that label dramatic or unwarranted, however I do not. I can see the light now and its bright, that tunnel doesn't feel as long anymore. As this blog documents, I have had  a struggle with depression from around 13 years old. However eight year later I have eventually weened myself almost completely of anti-depressants (please reserve your judgement for medicating depression, it worked for me) and feel rather human. Bad days and good days, I have them both, although what has changed is the ways in which I approach them now. While I can't say everything is breezy and fantastic and my bad days do not exist. I can say I find it a lot easier to pick myself back up. I'm not sure if this is due to my age, my mindset or my medication, it may even be a combination of all these things, but what I can say is something has changed. 


Recently I had a really shit week to say the least. My water bottle leaked and broke my laptop with my deadlines due at the end of week, I scraped my car off a wall taking the paint work of the bonnet, I ripped my coat and then I got a bill through for my car for £500. All I can say to that is, I am a fricken poor student right now.  While I can't argue any of that didn't make me feel like crap. What I can say is I haven't let it affect the rest of my week or even my month. 


Nevertheless, what I did do is seriously overhaul my life from finance to friends. I wrote everything down and wrote what I wanted. Which resulted in this list;

1. Be more social, keep myself busy
2. Be more organised
3. Budget my finances. 

My Results   

In affect, while this is the only the first week I have put this into action, I feel somewhat empowered. I reorganised my finances to include my big budget hits of a new laptop and my car costs and while its undeniable its gonna be a tight squeeze, I am able to make it work. This is a great approach compared to what past Victoria would have done, which is cry and stay in my room for days or longer. I then made plans with all my available friends as I have once been told....
'' An idle mind is the devils workshop''
AKA.. If you don't keep your mind busy its going to wander into some dark places.  Therefore I took my planner, wrote down my budget, scheduled in all my meet ups with friends, put in the shows or Youtube videos I wanted to watch over Easter, alongside any free activities, books, hobbies or University work I have to do. This allowed me to see everything in one place and so far so good. A organised life is a healthy mindset and that is what I rely on these days, keeping myself busy. I don't even have time to feel down about other things that may be going on anymore and that's a good thing. 


Victoria xx

Monday, 2 January 2017

2016: A Year In Rewind | Victoria Lucy

Just a few days ago my social media became filled with peoples reminiscing about 2016. Many claiming that it had been filled with ups and downs. Reading all these messages my friend and I began to giggle that they all seemed somewhat repetitive. However the reason for this is because no matter what we experience as individuals there are always going to be ups and downs of every year. We cannot go in to 2017 thinking it will be a year of blissful perfections however what we can do, is recognise that each of the experiences we have shape us and we should use them to shape our attitude towards life. 

Here are the key moments of my 2016:

Bringing 2016 in India at New Years Festival, With Omkar and his family

Girls Trip Away To London With The Bestie.

Field Trip To Leeds Which I Woke Up Late For and Missed The Bus.

Last Day of the 1st Year of Uni. With a 2:1 overall woop

Girls Holiday to Turkey, Staying up till 6am With Friends Seeing the Sun Rise

Beyonce  Formation Concert, Yes This Is a British Summer. 

My best friend getting engaged and hanging out with her family letting Riley and Lola bond.

Omkar comes back from India for forever. YEY YEY YEY

Going to Glasgow to see Justin Bieber's Purpose tour.

End of semester Christmas ball with the uni girls.

Seeing 2017 in, with the rain and fireworks with a fake moody face of course!

There you have it my year in rewind. Happy New year. 

Love Victoria 


Schools Out... Lets Scream and Shout | Victoria Lucy

Schools out and when I say school I actually mean University but school just sounded better. Here in the UK, it's spring week...