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Beauty: The Secret Face Primer!? | Victoria Lucy

Ever really wanted a face primer to keep your make-up on but found all them designer brands out there are way too expensive. Well from some research of the past couple of weeks and trying it out for myself it has come to my attention that this £4-£5 solution of Nivea post shave balm (depending where you shop) is a miracle. And even better a little goes a long way! 
Put a dab on the back your hand and massaging it into your face pre make-up routine and your make up will stay in place and on for a lot longer, it's great for a night out and stop you having to try and squeeze so many products in your clutch on a night out.  
Quick Question Overview  Would I recommend it to someone else? Yes  Would I use it again: Yes Is it worth the money: Yes  Rating out 10: 8/10 

De-Stress: Meditating and Yoga at Uni | Victoria Lucy

Some people say first year of uni is easy, I say first year took my brain, stamped all over it and returned to my head in broken pieces. University brought me stress, anxiety and sometimes even disappointment in my self. I tried all sorts to wrap my head around the mounds of work and stress I was dealing with in ways such as; self-organisation, morning revision, night revision, saying to hell with it all and just going on nights out. However none of these particularly worked individually, until I started to consider meditation and yoga. With that, almost everything fell into place.
I started off basic, with a bathroom towel and a Youtube video called Yoga with Adriene for beginners and I've never looked back. No expensive gym membership needed, all I have bought is a £8 yoga mat from Amazon and a £2 yoga block from Tiger and there you have it, exercise, clarity and peace for the foreseeable future.
While I say yoga and meditation put everything into place, I don't mean a miricac…

DIY Date Deciding Jar | Victoria Lucy

Ever planned a date but the two of you can't agree on what to do? Or even worse you can't think of anything to do at all? Well hallelujah, here is a blog post to answer your prayers. Below you can find the step by step mystery date jar that you can create easily all by yourself, so you'll never have this problem again. All you need is 10 minutes of your time and a few bits and pieces hanging around the house and viola! You will never have to think of a date again. Your Welcome. 

This is what your finished mystery date jar will look like, once you have followed this easy step by step tutorial below. 

For this DIY, you will need: - Some flash cards (The more you have the more dates will be in the jar)
- A glass or plastic jar
- Some coloured pencils of your choice
- Scissors
- A regular pen
- One piece of double sided sticky tape

Step 1: Cut your  flash card around about 1.5cm strips 

Step 2:  one date idea per piece of card 

Step 3: Decorate the strips however you feel like - As you …