Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Be Unique On Hallows'eve...

With Halloween fast approaching many of us out there are searching for the perfect statement costume, to get everyone's head turning. From ghosts to ghouls, Marylin to minions there is more than likely a costume to fit your Halloween needs.
As I am from the UK, we have a tendency to stick with the scarier side of Halloween with ghosts, witches and goblins but as it's brought to my attention in countries such as America costumes can range from a a ghost, to a fairy-godmother or even Spiderman, as long as your dressed up anything goes.
So searching through the internet I have found my top three unique costumes that's may have heads turning;

1. Despicable Me 'Minion' 
With despicable me, lighten up the big screen for a second time this year, Minion accessories have become common, with their cute faces adorning everything from pencils to bed sheets. So why not embrace the trend and go as minion? It's not a common costume and you're likely to stand out from a crowd of ghosts and ghouls. 
Click HERE or watch the video below to see how Bethany Mota creates the most unique minion costume.
2. The conjuring Doll 
Sticking to the theme with movies that have graced the big screen. The conjuring has also been a blockbuster this year which has had many trembling in their boots with it's very creepy looking doll. It's not you typical witch or pumpkin, so will definitely not having you blending in with the rest of them. So why not click HERE to see Blair Fowler help you DIY your own conjuring doll costume, or click below. 
3. Dead Little Red Riding Hood 
Taking a break from movies, books are our next destination and a fairytale no less, little red riding hood has to be a sweet Halloween costume but of course it Halloween so we don't want to look too cute!  So how about a 'dead' little red riding hood  look with blood and wounds galore.  Take your pick from a selection of shop bought ones like the one below or be adventurous and crafty and have a go at making your own but it's definitely unique, so why not see how many head you turn? 

So what will you be this Halloween a creepy doll or a cute minion? or will you be trick or treating or parting? Let me no in the comments and have a happy Halloween!!! 
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Victoria Jane 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

But What If It Goes Wrong?

A slightly different post for my blog today, but I didn't post for a while last week and that's because it all went a little wrong....
In life we are constantly reminded to remain positive, be happy and look on the bright side of life, but what happens when you're pushed over the edge, and you just can't? Are you made to feel like a failure because you can't cope or are you just putting to much pressure on yourself?  The latter is more likely to be the case, in many situations.
      We all go through periods of time, when life just isn't working in our favour, regardless if it's friends, family an embarrassing situation or anything that generally makes you feel like crap and sometimes you may find it so hard to cope.
       On the whole there is no way in which I can make each and every person feel better with advice, as everyones mind set is different and different things make you feel better, but what I can tell you that you can try find what will cheer you up and get you out of your rut.
       For me recently, I went through a period where life just seemed to be a force working against me, and I hated it. At college I was behind on the work and the night I tried to catch up, my computer crashed and I lost every piece of my work, my photos, videos, everything really. So I had to start from scratch. Then eight hours later when I finished all more work, for the second time I realised I couldn't print my work because my printer was no longer connected to my computer so it was inevitable I was going to miss my deadline and I did. Although this pushed me over the edge just enough to make me get frustrated, lifes incidents didn't stop there and although I won't share the rest of my issues because I don't want to bore you with details of the week my life went down the toilet it became really hard to remain positive and look on the so called bright side of life. 
     So how did I deal with it? Pretty badly I guess seen as though I got frustrated and cried a lot, but at the time I felt as if I didn't really have anyone to talk to, or more to the point I didn't want to talk to anyone so I made the decision to bury myself in a project. Which just so happened was my blog or writing blog posts to later post on here and I loved it. I loved engrossing myself in projects such as a new book or blog posts, it takes my mind off the hard times and transform into a a different person. Perfect 'me' time. 
    So although I will never know what works best for you, try and explore for yourself, is it a project, talking to a friend, posting expressive posts on tumblr  or what? You explore and you decide. 
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Victoria Jane 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Healthier Lifestyle Changing Me...!

Being skinny is not everything however being healthy is. Turning eighteen this year made me stop and think. Do I really still want to have same eating habits as the younger version of myself, who binges on chocolate and sweets and has zero self control. Nope, I don't.  
I know personally in my younger teen years I was far from healthy and I lived with a body that I was never happy with and wrestled with diets throughout the years but why diet when you can change your lifestyle and be healthy?    
I'm definitely not saying I will never eat a chocolate bar again, or that you'll never catch me in McDonalds munching on a burger because I still want indulge and have fun in my life. All I'm saying is, instead of eating a McDonalds then later having a chocolate bar and then for dinner having something fatty, I will pace myself with my indulgences and learn to balance the good with bad alongside self control and fun. 
Well that's my first healthy lifestyle post, and I hope you will join me in my journey and lead if not a completely 'healthy lifestyle' a 'healthier' version of the one you're leading now because I'm not here to suck all the fun out of your life. 

For now, the ins and outs, ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Bath Bliss, Bubbles and Beyond!

Serenity bliss at the end of the day, is what many crave but few get to enjoy. With busy schedules, work and responsibilities, getting those precious few minutes to relax and enjoy becomes a task in its self. 
 Personally my favourite stress relievers and relaxing paradise products can be found at Lush. From fifteen minutes to an hour when I get the chance to spoil myself with a relaxing bath and even a glass of wine, I do! And I've wrote this post to share with you my top three lush must haves for the perfect luxurious bath. 

The comforter bubble bar £4.50 

This is my favourite by far, the bar can be broken up into several pieces and have you relaxing in up to four different baths. It dissolves in water creating a mountain a bubbles while tinting your water a light pink,helping your stresses disappear into the abyss and serenity to melt over you. 

Think Pink Bath Bomb £2.50

Coming in a close second has to be this bath bomb! It's pink flowered exterior is inviting and girly and immediately called me to put it in my basket but when I got home to try it, I found it wasn't just aesthetically pleasing but had amazing moisturising properties too. Placing it into your bath you'll find it fizzes and turns until it disintegrates into nothing leaving your  bath water an appealing shade of pink. Allowing you step in and bask in, all of the glory after a stressful day. 

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar £2.50

And last but by no means least, has to be another bubble bar. Bubbles are my favourite to relax and if my lush product doesn't bubble for me I am partial to putting in bubble bath in anyway... This bar smells like sweets and is amazing to close your eyes and distress from the days worries and relax
 in the moisturising bubbles floating around you.

Do you have a favourite Lush product to relax? Let me know in the comments!  

The ups and downs, ins and outs of
Victoria Jane

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

NEWS FLASH: London Fashionista!

Naive and a little simple minded, are the words I would use to describe myself. Heading into London for the weekend for only the third time in my life, I was confused about the fashion. My head 
believed everyone in London would dress like super model - a size 6, dripping in designer brands and the latest fashion trends but BOOM reality hit me square in jaw, and really showed me what Londons street style was all about.
       Converse to stilettos  skinnies to maxi dresses in London I saw it all. To answer my previous question was everyone a size 6 super model? Not a chance everyone and I mean everyone had their unique style and rocked it. Different shapes, sizes, lengths and colours filled the tube with a collage of fashion favourites and who am I to judge they all looked amazing. Yes i'm aware of fashion faux pas but with so many different styles from casual to dressy, bohemian to Gothic everyone had there own little edge. 
     So if any of you are lucky enough to go to london as a tourist, don't go mad, googling whats in fashion in London and what you'll look best in - you WILL look beautiful any way and your certain to fit in with the assortment of styles all around the big city.

That's all for now the ins and outs, ups and downs of Victoria Jane

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Make-up Madness: The Foundation Brush!

Stippling vs flat vs sponge vs Fingers 
Whether you use foundation everyday, or just every now and then, every one applies it for the same purpose, to try look as flawless as possible. But how do we do this? And what do you use to apply it,? Fingers a sponge or is it a war between the stippling and flat brush? Who knows... But i'm here to help you decide! 
Truthfully I feel every foundation is unique with several different types from liquid to powder and everything in between how can one tool suit all their purposes? It cant, and I honestly cannot give you a direct answer, as it changes depending on your chosen type however I can advise you of what goes best where, based on my research and experience. 
The sponge
Starting with the trusty sponge. Typically I would recommend using a foundation brush of any type  instead of a sponge. Sponges are made to absorb therefore they're going use your foundation up a lot faster than a brush causing you too start spending more pennies! However if you feel the sponge works best for you, make sure you don't use the same one over and over because they carry bacteria and you don't wanna be putting that on your face, do you!? 
Using your fingers saves time and helps you when time is not ticking in your favour. Research shows applying foundation with your fingers isn't as bad as you might think, as long as they're clean! Using your fingers is great when using liquid foundation as unlike a sponge they're not absorbent and fingers can also get into to hard to reach spots giving a flawless look. 
Stippling vs flat 
M.A.C Flat Brush
Research shows that an overwhelming amount of people prefer the stippling brush to the flat. There are several reasons for this opinion. One being that many find the stippling brush especially with a liquid foundation is easier to get into those hard to reach areas such as the side of nose which gives a more natural even coverage. The stippling brush is also preferred because it gives fuller coverage enabling people to have an airbrushed finish, and there is reduced chance of streaks, and who doesn't want look like they just stepped out from a magazine shoot. 
M.A.C Stippling Brush 
So there you have it fingers over sponges, stippling over flat. Well. Thats what my research and experience shows, but if what your doing works for you, why change? Just make sure you wash your foundation tools regularly with a little mild shampoo or antibacterial handwash to keep them clean, because unwashed brushes and sponges hold bacteria that can cause spots.
Thats all for now the ups and down
Ins and outs of 
Victoria Jane 

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