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NYE: The Perfect Outfit!

NYE,(New Years Eve) where the magic happens, we party till the small hours, eat delicious cuisine,sip on champagne and kiss that one special person when the clock strikes midnight.......Well, at least that's what we want to happen. Regardless of what party you going to this new years eve and who you may be spending it with whether it's your, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, parent, cat or dog who cares you need to dress up for the occasion and feel good about yourself. I follow a variety of different fashion and clothing stores on facebook and recently I have come across some of the perfect choices put together by StyleFruitsUK, So which is your favourite? I know mine. Why not LBD it up with a simple black dress and dress it up with some tight stockings and some edgy Mark Campbell look a likes. Sounds like the perfect look to me. Why not give it ago!? Or try this one, with mesh cut out detailing. You can find dresses like this in most shops but  go facebook stylefruits to find out…

What Did I Get For Christmas!?

Christmas was a little over five days ago but yet it feels like a whole lot more. Don't you think? With all it's festivities chucked out the window for another 359 days, I thought I would share with you a few of bits a pieces I was lucky enough to get for Christmas due to my late editing skills. I hope you enjoy this video and Christmas was everything you wanted it be for you and your families.  Watch the video here!

That's all for now,  the ins and outs, ups and downs of Victoria Jane  x


I will admit it, I am one of the most disorganised, messy people on earth, however although I could live in mess and it would never bother me, sometimes it becomes the time when others around you need a tidy space and you have to oblige. So here we go my messy room, strewn with clothes, messy beds and boxes tidied within 15mins and here are my tidying up tips! 

Tip 1 
Make your bed, put everything on it on the floor and make it - *BOOM* Your room looks instantly tidier 

Tip 2
Shut any open door or draws 

Tip 3
Empty the bin or any rubbish you have in your room

Tip 4
Section you room up. Working in a clock wise direction, section your room up in to 4 and clean each section one by one. It motivates you because you can can down the sections till your finished. 

Tip 5 & 6 
Work to music, give each section a different song and try tidy as much as you can before the song finishes it's a challenge and motivation. However if your not into music  you can work to a time limit put the timer on you…

Everyday Make-up!

The best of us have a go to make-up routine. A routine that we know off by heart and apply to our faces most days of week, when everything needs to look simple yet presentable, right? Well, here is mine! A quick video showing you all of my go-to products and how I cover up all my spots, redness and imperfections!

or click here:
The Products Used In this video where:  - Elizabeth Arden Mousse Foundation - Sparkling Blush  - Lacura Concealer pen (purchase at Aldi)   - Elf Brown Quad Pallet - Bottom Brown - Rimmel London Clear Complexion powder- 022 Natural Honey - Urban Decay Primer Potion  - Random Pallet - Any Pallet would do with a white in - Rimmel London Eye Pencil -  Soft Kohl  - Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara- Black - Elf Bronzer - Bronzed Goddess  - Elf Cream Blush - Bubblegum Pink - Lipstick unknown - Flame
The Dress worn in this video was form Select 

The song in this video was Go by Josh Woodward off the album The Simple Life. You can find the tack on FMA = Free …

The New accessories: THE PHONE CASE!

Phone cases are now a very in thing. You'll see them adorning everyone's phones from you favourite celebrity to you next door neighbours. One problem I had with phone cases was they were always so over priced, like £20 for a phone case - NO THANK-YOU!  So recently I have been on the hunt for my favourite, fashion forward purse friendly ones and this was my favourite! 

I got this from ebay for £1.99 and I love it. It's glittery back matches any outfit and it's simple glitter detailing makes it easier to hunt out in any girls handbag!  Do you have a fun case? That's all for now, the ins and outs, ups and downs of Victoria Jane x


December 8th 2013

Simple yet bold. Scrolling through tumblr this caught my eye and I thought it would make a great post, simple items make a great statement when paired right. These simple jeans and cami paired with the over the knee boots make this girl fashion forward and ready to hit the town. What do you think? Do you stick with simple items to make a bold statement or do you go from bold pieces instead? 
Thats all for now, the ins and outs, ups and downs of Victoria Jane x


BLOGMAS a blog a day till Christmas eve. That's what I said isn't it? However I also think time with family and friends is important around this festive season so I took a couple days to just relax because with work and college I've had a lot on my plate and as I didn't get in from work from friday 1am saturday morning I had already missed a day and I could do nothing to get it back, so I decided a blogmas break was in order. I hope your enjoying this festive season and are taking the time to spend time with your loved ones!


5th December 2013
Christmas lights are shooting up all around us and many of them are beautiful however I do believe there is a fine line between tacky and festive. I love christmas and will never be scrooge *bah humbug* but I am very picky on the decorations! 
    Going into the city today i found some beautiful decorations which you can see from the pictures below: 
Hows your towns decorations, do you like them are they beautiful or are they tacky let me knoe in the comments below.  Thats all for now the ins and outs, ups and downs of  Victoria Jane x


4th December 2013 
Starbucks holds a special place in my heart for a special number of drinks, not really liking tea or coffee, you'd think it wouldn't really appeal to me, but hunting through the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly I have found my golden two!         Regardless of whether it's cold hot or rainy I don't care, my top favourite is a icy cold mango and passion fruit frappacino, because it's so delicious.  It's icy tendency on cold day never put's me off, if you love mango and passion fruit J20 you will love this juicy goodness and it's a great alternative if your visiting Starbucks and you don't like tea or coffee!        Coming in a close second to the mango and passion fruit frappacino, has to be a Starbucks signature hot chocolate. Hot chocolate warms the belly nicely on cold day and also makes a great hand warmer so wrap your hands hand around that cup and bask in the chocolate and creamy goodness!        Admittedly I do also enjoy ma…


3rd December 2013
As winter rolls in and nights become colder, and lights are turned on earlier, for most of us our P'J's become thicker. Staying warm in the winter is one of my favourite things to do and what better way to do this than wrapping up on a evening in some cosy pj's, good television with family or friends? I have to say I am partial to Grampa style pyjamas, typical check shirt and trousers like the one featured to the side. Although they may never be deemed sexy or majorly attractive they definitely look cute and comfortable and which would you rather on cold winter night with your family. Pick the ones featured from BHS for £29.99 however if your looking for a bargain, right now I am rocking some very similar ones for a very pocket friendly £10 for Morrisons a great bargain for anyone on a budget. Or how about these fairy light jarmas from topshop inspired by christmas but could be worn all year round. A comfy sweat pant and jumper option to keep you warm when t…


2nd December 2013 

Happy 2nd of Decemeber. Only 23 days till Christmas! Are you excited? Today for those of you of America is cyber Monday but regardless of whether you live in America or not you can still benefit from some of these cyber Monday sales. 
      While hunting for this post I have found some good sales in which I have taken part in myself and some which I am suggesting and here and they are: 
  Shop Glitzy Glam - A shop run by Youtubers Elle & Blair              You can buy anything monogrammed and they sell great gifts you can get others for this upcoming Christmas, which is fast approaching! The only downside to this shop is postage to  anywhere outside America is quite expensive. Get your 15% of now from shop glitzy glam!? Tesco Direct          But if girly monogrammed items arent your thing, why not try your look a Tesco who are doing 50% of selected items such as ear phones, laptops and more, so thats definitely worth a look at? Don't yo…


1st December 2013

Vlogmas is a youtuber challenge, in which a person makes a video everyday in the 25 days leading up to Christmas and I really wanted to take part, so instead of  a video everyday I will make a blog post every day in the days leading up to chistmas hence 'BLOGMAS'
       I will write about everything and anything but I will mostly stick to fashion and beauty and make sure every post is good quality and worth reading. I hope you enjoy or even take part in 'BLOGMAS'. Will you take part? 
The ins and outs, ups and downs of Victoria Jane x