Wednesday, 29 January 2014

January Favourites 2014!

Well it's official the first month of the year will be over in under 48 hours, and we can welcome February with open arms with valentines day to look forward to. It's gone over fast, right? January hasn't gone by without some ups and downs, but to combat the bad day blues these four have pulled me through; 

1. Sex Bomb, Bath Ballistic

Lush is one of my all time favourite shops no matter what the month. However this month I picked up the sex bomb bath ballistic, it smells divine and fizzes and dissolves leaving the most perfect Ribena coloured bath water, and giving me soft skin and smelling beautiful. What's not to like!? 

2. Raven Locks Blog
Being a blog addict, I'm forever looking for new blogs that I love and find interesting. I look for blogs that will inspire me to improve my own blog. While looking around this month I stumbled across this Raven locks blog, and I love her fashion sense and her pictures are just beautiful. I would suggest to all of you fashion lovers to give her blog and chance and follow because she is simply chic.  

3. Soap and Glory, Hand Food

My hands are forever dry, with washing the dishes and cold wintry weather they don't have much of chance, although I seem to have found my holy grail item to keep them smooth through some of the tedious tasks of life. Hand Food by Soap and glory which contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallows, yes marshmallows! What other result would you expect? I would definitely suggest picking this up whenever you can. 

4. I'm feeling myself 

My last favourite of the month has to be a song. A simple song can change my mood from anxious, to ambitious, from moody to motivated and this month my go to song has been I'm feeling myself by Will.I.Am ft Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa. It's kind of pointless with it's lyrics but when I need a feel good song, it's the first in my playlist to give my confidence a little extra boost.

Have you enjoyed January? 
What are some of your favourites of this month?
Let me know in the comments...

That's all for now, the ins and outs, ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Shhhh... It's a secret!

Secrets from the fashion and beauty world are hidden all over with high flying make-up artists, design teams and all the way down to the teenage girls experimenting with their next new look.  Some of them we will never hear, while others I'm here to share. So here you are; 

1.  Say 'NO' to the sponge!
Do you pick your sponge because they're the cheaper option? Well do I have news for you. Sponges may seem the cheaper option but each time you place your foundation on they're absorbing the product and leaving you with less for your money, which maybe precious pennies down the drain. So why not opt for a brush or use them fingers, they're free after all? 

2. A splash of cold.
Lack that shine in your hair? Do you feel it's a little bit lifeless? Why not when you finish your shower, switch that hot to cold and splash your hair with cold . The cold water will seal the follicle locking in your conditioner keeping it shinier for longer. Worth a try, right? 

3.  The perfect pout
Feeling your lips are a bit on the thin side? Want a fuller look? Try using a nude lip liner, or a colour similar to your complexion colour and slightly extend your natural lip line. Then fill in with your favourite lipstick and be careful not to extend them too much, we don't want to be looking like clowns.

Bonus: Once doing this add some clear lip gloss to the centre of your top lip to create an even fuller lip look.

Some of these secrets are used from Hollywood to you local beautician, so why not give them a go and see if they work for you? 
If you like this post, let me know and I will be sure to share some more beauty secrets to keep you looking fresh and beautiful everywhere you go.  

The ins and outs, ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

STEAL HER STYLE: Selena Gomez!

Although she is one the less controversial Disney stars of her era, Selena Gomez has had her fair share of showbiz ups and downs, from dating Bieber, to her proactive character in spring breakers, she's had it all. However what never fails to impress, his her sense style from red carpet to street, she's got it down and here is how to steal her oversized jumper style for less:

1. ASOS, Daisy Street oversized sweater jumper £17.99
2., Alya oversized Aztec jumper      £20.00
3. ASOS, Mango Oversized cable knit jumper     £29.00
4. Zina black studded booties         £35.00
5. ASOS, Neon textured snood                           £15.00
6. Topshop knee high socks,(on sale)                   £4.00 
7. ASOS Warehouse zip detail padlock shopper  £40.00
Do you like Selena style or are you more of jeans or leggings girl let me know, down below?!
Get Selena's exact jumper from free people from around £137.00

Which celebrities style would you steal? 
Which celebrity would you like me, to do a steal her style next?

That's all for now the in and outs, ups and downs of
Victoria Jane

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hair tutorial: BANGS AWAY!

A fringe or bangs whatever you call them, sometimes they can be annoying and over the years my fringe has ranged from full and blunt to side swept and a choppy and at times. So for the times. You're not feeling like fringe, I have come up with some quick no-heat ways to style them, when your just not feeling them any more.
Watch the video below for ideas and tutorials! 

So, I hope they where helpful in giving you some ideas of how to get rid of that pesky hair when your just not in the mood for a fringe.
The ins and outs, ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Get to know me: THE ACCENT TAG!

My blog is my favourite, I love it to pieces however I'm fully aware that it's's rather impersonal. I don't do my own outfits like the majority of beauty bloggers do and I very rarely share anything about me that is not fashion on beauty related. So I decided to do a few videos, as a get to know me for my blog so I don't feel as distant from all of you. I've started it off with a ACCENT TAG because all you people are from all over the world so I pretty sure even if you're from England my accent is more than likely a bit different to yours, so why not have a watch and see if I'm right!?
So there you have it my accent with a range of different questions, why not answer the questions below or even make your own video and be sure to let me know so I can watch it!
That's all for now,
the in's and out's, up's and down's of 
Victoria Jane

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winter Reading!

When the temperature drops, and the the wind blows it's time to pick up a good book, bundle up with a blanket and a large cup of hot coco and disappear into a fantasy land.  
 The winter months give us the perfect excuse to spend some time indoors and get our inner bookworm on, and I am going to recommend some of my favorites
For a little, light hearted reading over this winter season, I would recommend anything Sophie Kinsella (she also writes as Madeline Wickham, however I much prefer Sophie Kinsella books). This winter I have indulged into the next book in her confessions of a shopaholic series 'Mini Shopaholic' if you love shopping, romance and drama this is the perfect read for you and will definitely get you gripped in her series. If you have seen the movie, do not let it put you off reading the books because they 10x better. Trust me! 

However if your looking for something for a little more edge and enjoyed the fifty shades of grey series and like that adult romance erotica, the 'This Man' series by Jodie Ellen Malpas is perfect for you and tells the adventurous tale, depicting the scandalous lives of Ava O'shea and Jesse Ward and how their raunchy world wind romance turns into a lovers tale.  Very much a book for an over eighteen audience. 

Another book that has caught my attention this cosy winter season is neither man or romance related so if that's not your style you're in look. The book I am currently reading is 'Ice Princess' by Camilla Lackberg a Swedish author. This book is of a detective nature and depicts an author who's childhood friend supposedly committed suicide and while writing a memoir for the family she finds out more than she bargains for and discovers how the death really occurred. 

I could go on and on describing the books that I have read this winter time however I won't bore you and will update you in the near future of some more good books that I recommend depending on nature and age range.

That's all for now my fellow bookworms 
The in's and out's up's and down's of
Victoria Jane

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