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2016: A Year In Rewind | Victoria Lucy

Just a few days ago my social media became filled with peoples reminiscing about 2016. Many claiming that it had been filled with ups and downs. Reading all these messages my friend and I began to giggle that they all seemed somewhat repetitive. However the reason for this is because no matter what we experience as individuals there are always going to be ups and downs of every year. We cannot go in to 2017 thinking it will be a year of blissful perfections however what we can do, is recognise that each of the experiences we have shape us and we should use them to shape our attitude towards life. 
Here are the key moments of my 2016:

Bringing 2016 in India at New Years Festival, With Omkar and his family

Girls Trip Away To London With The Bestie.

Field Trip To Leeds Which I Woke Up Late For and Missed The Bus.

Last Day of the 1st Year of Uni. With a 2:1 overall woop

Girls Holiday to Turkey, Staying up till 6am With Friends Seeing the Sun Rise

Beyonce  Formation Concert, Yes This Is a British…