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Long Distant Lovers: Time | Victoria Lucy

Long Distant Lovers.
As time gets closer to my better half coming back, I have become less of a long distance relationship advocate; instead a critic.  All in all a long distance relationship (LDR) is doable, however it does come with a suitcase full of troubles and they are all delivered directly to you door step (and it's really shitty). A LDR is costly, lonely and most off all difficult. Beyond the loss of intimacy, cuddles and snuggles, being a part for a long period of time can leave you with a hole that just can not quite be filled, no matter how many times you text, call or FaceTime. 
However as our LDR is reaching the end of it's occupancy in our lives, I have come to the realisation that this is the hardest time we have been through. Knowing he's coming back but not knowing exactly the date is stressful and annoying. Loosing patience with the small talk cause all you wanna do is just snuggle in each others presence and watch a movie (no words needed). Getting jealou…