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Fall Fashion Favourite Tartan Check Trend!

Well autumn crept up on us all of sudden, didn't it? Fall, autumn whatever you call it, it approached fast and when seasons change so does the fashion. Layering looks, chilling winds and sweater weather are near us, and the tartan check trend has made it into our fashion favourites this 2013. Being a girl with a student budget, haute couture is not exactly screaming my name, but high street is my weak spot anyway. From Top Shop to New Look, Zara to Debenhams there has got to be something in the tartan check trend you like in a reasonable price range. Even Primarks rocking some amazing pieces theis A/W so start saving those pennies for a stunning Autumn wardrobe. 
Over the seasons several trends will feature in your wardrobe but for now I'm going to focus on one, tartan and checks, I think this is a trend easy to recreate from the catwalk to shopping with you friends. So take note and get your purses at the ready. 

Tartan & Checks Unless you've been hiding under a rock you …

Creative Writing: L.A Calling! #1

Revised and extended - ENJOY! Prologue  #1
The sun blazed down, and I felt the first drop of sweat roll down my cheek staining my carefully applied make-up. I knew as soon as I stepped off plane, the Los Angles humidity and I weren't going to get along. I patted my face with urgency, doing my best to work with what I had, before reaching the terminal building where my suitcase held the keys to my perfection. As I walked past the plane I had just given the best side of 12 hours of my life to, I sighed in relief, mainly out of exhaustion but secretly I knew, this is where it should all begin or continue, i corrected, at least I hoped... Reaching the building my fingers fumbled in my over sized Marc Jacobs bag searching for my passport, in the jungle of lipsticks and magazines, when instead of walking upon the tired grey carpet I was hurtling head first into the recycling bin metres away and I knew I couldn't stop. It was inevitable. I was going to land like a giant sack of potatoes …

NEW VIDEO ALERT: Whats in my school Bag!?

As my first week of college approached, I started to fill my new bag with little bits and pieces to ensure my school life would run as smoothly as possible.I thought a little video sharing my favourite things to keep handy in my bag for work and play would be perfect to share with all of you. So I hope you enjoy please click below to watch and don't forget to hit the subscribe button, thumbs up and comment for more Victoria Jane! 
Thats all for now, the ins and outs ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane x


Sky diving from a plane, travelling the world, making new friends or even just writing in a diary every day, YOLO is term to live by. YOLO, also known as, you only live once has become a phrase used by hundreds and thousands of teenagers and others all over the world. The term reminding people to step out side the box and be more adventures by grabbing all opportunities thrown at them. 
Sounds like a motto to live by right? But too many people now use YOLO as a free term to behave a little too recklessly. Don't get me wrong i'm always up for a good time if the opportunity arises, but partying 7 days a week and only been able to remember hours of the day before I black out isn't what I call living life to full. 
Although slight cheesy I do feel YOLO interpreted in the right way can change your life, go be adventurous and travel the round, swim with dolphins even colour you hair a wild shade that screams fun, i'm all for that and I say go for it. However there are defini…