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"You wake up late and have to do your make-up in record time, grabbing for your foundation you start to look around for the rest of your make-up, but you can't find your concealer or mascara, in the jungle of lipsticks and hair ties on your dresser. Crap, your going to be late! You NEED to get organised."  
Organisation comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others. Unfortunately for me, I seem to be part of the latter, where as no matter how many times I try stay on top of everything I don't manage it, but i'm persistent in trying. So this is how I've organised my make-up draw for the last 6 months and it's really helped me keep everything in order, especially on those days when i want a few extra minutes in bed.
- This is the dresser which I store all my beauty and hair items.
This draw to the left is dedicated to make-up only, so this means I alway know where it will be as it wont be scattered everywhere!

An over view of my storage
 Okay, so there …


"Looking in your bathroom mirror, you discover that one humongous spot that you had  on your chin yesterday has multiplied into 5 more across you face. ARGHHH! You start frantically caking make-up on them to cover up the rude red imposters, but alas nothing is working and they keep rearing their ugly heads through the layers of make-up you are vigorously applying. What can you do!?"
Blemishes  and spots can spots can ruin your day when they do appear, as I believe if you feel good you'll have a better day and if they're making you feel insecure it can be reflected in your day. As it is they're are here to stay for a while, and there is nothing we can do about them except grin and bear it and wait for them to disappear.  However even though we all get them now and again or for those with acne and other skin conditions all the time. there are a few steps which I try to carry out which I believe help my skin, and may help yours even though I should carry it out a lit…


"It's below freezing outside and you're all ready to step out in to the white mountains of snow where it blizzards around the houses and shops making them look delicious, like they've been sprinkled with icing sugar by an excited baker, but as you step outside it isn't quite the picturesque winter wonderland you were expecting, leaving you with a shiver to your bone and a red nose making you look like Rudolph's first born. Winters here and it's time to stay warm. "Being cold is something that I can quite honestly say I hate, but on the other hand I love picking my favourite items to warm myself up in the cold weather that is fast approaching. From gloves, to coats, warm soups and scented candles winter is my favourite month ironically, seen as though I hate the cold but the fashion of this season is my favourite, and these are my favourite winter proof suggestion to keep you warm and on trend this approaching winter.

The first thing that pops in to my…

Job Specifics: The Perfect Interview Wear!

At one point or another most of us have to find a job, whether it be a Saturday job while your at school or college or a full time time job and the start of your career, its regardless. The point is, the majority of these jobs start off in the same way, with an interview, an interview where the first impression of you counts, where a person instantly decides whether you go in the hit or miss pile, so everything you do with in this time counts. Therefore your outfit hair and make-up are a massive contributing factor of whether you will get the job or not. So i've being doing some research to find out what the majority of your future employers maybe looking for!  1: Neutral, natural make-up As an employer they are looking for someone who will represent their business positively and you cant be doing this by having a girls night out face full of make-up, so you need to tone it down and go for more of a natural look. Click HERE if you would like a tutorial on how to get an amazing natur…