Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Real Review: Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

Day or Night, Lunch or Dinner mascara is  worn by people all over the world for varying events or occasions. Mascara has the ability to polish up a natural make-up look or just brighten up tiered eyes but regardless, it's worn everyday by thousands upon thousands. 

     Personally, previous to my purchase of my maybelline mega plush mascara, I didn't differentiate between the £2.00 mascaras from the £15.00. They all worked  the same to me, lengthening and coating my lashes in my chosen colour, therefore I never stuck to a set make of mascara and regularly changed what I used. 
        Although upon finding this product   I have found my new holy grail mascara, it didn't just lengthen my lashes but they looked completely extended and they weren't just coated in product they were glossy and considerably multiplied in volume. My assumptions of mascaras all being the same where sent into an oblivion, along side the rest of my incorrect thoughts. 
      Still at a reasonable £7.99 from superdrug I think this product is worth the pounds, but if you find it a little on the pricey side a little birdy told me you can purchase it slightly cheaper from other make-up retailers, you just have to shop around a little!  
    So to sum my review, my opinion on this mega plush mascara is that it really does live up to it's name creating plush, voluminous lashes that some girls strive to have, so give it a try and see if it works for you? 

Victoria Jane 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Weekend Fun: Night Out Essential

The weekend has arrived, so dust off your party heels and find that drop dead gorgeous dress, because it's time to go dancing and party it up! Going out on a night can be the highlight of your week, that's why it's important you take all your essentials for a full proof evening. 

               Every girl has a different set essential to the next, so i'm going to share my top four and  I hope helps you find yours and gives you cause for the perfect night with friends or whoever you're spending your weekend with. 

1. My phone 
In this day in age, I think it would be unusual not to take your phone out with you. As for me I find it my priority on a night out because if my perfect night out turns into a bit of mess and a not-so-prefect night descends upon on me, I like to know my trusty phone is their to save the day whether it's because I need to bail, order a taxi or help a friend in need, I always have it. 

2. Money 
Along side the constant of my phone, the only other thing that I never switch out my bag on night out is money. Money is essential I don't care who you are, money is imperative whether you want to buy a drink, get a taxi or bus or just have to pay into a club. To put it straight if you don't go out with some cash your night could turn into a epic fail almost instantaneously, so do everyone a favour and don't forget to bring some and make the most of your night out! 

3. My choice of Lip product 
Each time I go out this product always changes, depending on my outfit, my mood or just want i'm fancying. I always take a lip product cause I feel regardless of whether the rest of your make-up has melted off because you've danced your heart out, by putting on bit of lipstick you can instantly look more awake and put together without having to take your whole make-up bag! Which means you can get back to dancing and having fun a hell of a lot more quickly! 

4.  Pocket shoes
I'm guessing pocket shoes aren't going to be every girls going out essential  but for me they're a necessity. I love wearing heels but I can't stand the pain they cause me so instead of going out in flats I compromise and take my pocket shoes in my bag for later. Pocket shoes are tiny ballet flats that fold in half and fit in a small clutch or handbag. I would recommend these to any girl who wants to feel there feet the next morning and I always take them if I know the nights going to be a long one.   

             So there you have it my top four night out essentials. Nine times out a ten I will always have these on me and they help my night out go so much more smoothly than if I don't. What are you night essentials that you can't live with out? 

Victoria Jane 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Whimsical Wednesday: Creative Writing


The sun blazed down, and I felt the first drop of sweat roll down my cheek staining my shield of make-up. I knew as soon as I stepped off plane, the Los Angles humidity and I weren't going to get along as well as I'd hoped.  I patted my face with urgency, doing my best to work with what I had, before reaching the terminal building where my suitcase held the keys to my perfection. As I walked past the plane I had just given the best side of 12 hours of my life to, I sighed in relief, mainly out of exhaustion but secretly I knew, this is where it should all begin, at least I hope...  
Reaching the building my fingers fumbled in my over sized Marc Jacobs bag searching for my passport in the jungle of lipsticks and magazines, when instead of walking upon the tired grey carpet I was hurtling head first into the recycling bin metres away and I knew I couldn't  stop. It was inevitable. I was going to land like a giant sack of potatoes with my sophisticated fa├žade lost with just minutes of entering my dream world.
It all felt like slow motion, I cringed inwardly as my arms hung lifelessly at my sides. Why weren’t they moving? Why were they just letting life repeat itself and letting me land flat on my face? In that instant I was angry with myself why did I always run head on into embarrassment? I began to mentally prepare myself when I felt a firm hand wrap around my waist, yanking me back to reality.
As my feet steadied in their black louboutin pumps, my brain worked in double speed trying to process what happened. Whose hands were wrapped around my waist? Had I just been saved? Focus, Focus, Focus I screamed silently as I turned around with an embarrassed smile playing on my lips.

 Victoria Jane 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Eenie Meenie Miney..... Mates

Friends & Friendship

Mates, pals, friends, chums or buddies, whatever you call them, we all have them. Whether we just have one close friend who's always there or you have a ginormous group of them, nine times out of ten you'll if they're good, you can count on them in your times of need. 
Good friends are like stars you don't always need to see them to know they're always there, that's why it's so important to pick them carefully. They have the potential to boost your self esteem, so you feel like you could walk on water yet picking the wrong ones can drown you in negativity. So be wise, be informed and fish out the good from the mean and nasty. 
Whether you're just chilling in the house and having drinks and a chat or going out and about for food and a trip, there always their, giving you memories for forever!   
Personally I lie on side of friendship groups where I have a few good friends instead a ginormous group. As I write this blog post the group of people I call friends I trust dearly with the information I share with them and I love the time I spend with them as it's always full or memories and stories we can remember in the future.  
I guess what i'm trying to say is make sure you make time for them, whether you have a boyfriend, family commitments or homework even just giving an hour, keeps the friendship alive and allows your friends insight into your life, so when you really need them they don't feel like you've shut them out for other priorities as no one likes to feel used! 
Friends can be forever, if you make it that way!. So go on do it, have good times, have a fun summer and start living in the fast lane with people you call friends and make some memories worth sharing.

Victoria Jane 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Summer reading! Chick Fiction!

Summer reads!

I don't know about you, but personally I love to read. However through my life I've come to discover that this is not the case for everyone. So if your not an avid reader, maybe this post isn't for you, but why not just give it a read and see if it inspires you, this summer.
Throughout the year I read a selection books, depending on how much time I have left juggling college work along side other things. Usually if i'm  unable to fit them in, I mange to fit in at least two through the summer months when there is no college and I have lighter load of work! 
This is the first trilogy- second trilogy = The Fame game
So what do I read? You may ask. Well, personally for me I enjoy quite a various selection of books. Although during the summer months I have tendency to steer more towards the girly chick-fiction thats out there, books such the as the Lauren Conrad trilogies.  I have read  both sets of LC trilogies now, and found them easy reads they're very light hearted and if you enjoyed the Hills reality tv programme, with drama, men and more you bound to like them books, so give 'em a whirl.
Further chick-fiction books that I have enjoyed during the past, has to be the lauren weisberger books that I read a few summer ago. Weisberger wrote the devil wears prada which you may know was made into a movie and part of this collection she also wrote everyone worth knowing, last night at chateau Marmont and chasing Harry Winston. I've read all of these books and enjoyed them so much I get lost in them and enter a different world. The author of the books is highly talented and has the skills to addict you to her book and keep you turning the pages. 
There are so many chick-fiction books I recommend, if anyone ever wants a list of good chick reads let me know in the comments and I will make another  post with a list of my favourite reads.
But for now...... 

Victoria Jane

Chick Fiction books on my reading list: 
. Beneath the glitter Elle and Blair 
. I've got you number Shophie Kinsella 
. One hundred names Cecelia Aheren

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Real Reveiw: Tangle Teezer

The real review: 
Tangele Teezer

Did you see everyone going wild for it? No? Well I did. Just a while back I heard many beauty gurus, friends and family talking about these 'tangle teezer' brushes. Being the girl that I am i decided to look further into it to see if they where really worth the money. While I did my research I found out this .....Tangle teezers are "Innovatively designed to allow a pain free hair brushing experience without tugging and pulling on wet hair, whether it's thick, wavy, straight or normal. " Or something very similar in all the places I looked.
Although I've known about the tangle teezer for several months now, it's not up until now that I decided I would give one a try.  
They cought my eye when I went on the aeroplane on my summer travels and found it in the in flight magazine for £12, and I decided that I would like to give it a try and see if it really lived up to my high expectations due to my  research. 
Admittedly, I won't lie I din't purchase the product myself, my mam treated me to it! As I am the best daughter in the world. Haha I kid you. 
However resulting in this purchase I found my favourite hairbrush ever! It's prefect. It's compact, it's girly, and it's serviceable, an amazing combination for anyone, with tangled hair. 
While doing further research I have found that if £12 isn't as budget friendly as you like you can find them for various prices you just have to search around and find the best one for you. However I do recommend this product immensely and if you have really tangled hair, what are you still doing reading this post, go buy one! 
If you have a tangle teezer let me know what you think of em!

Victoria Jane 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Positive Thoughts!

Positive Thoughts!

A new week. What does the really mean? You could look at that phrase as pessimist and say, long days commuting to work, house work, arguments and working with colleges that you haven't liked since you started the firm. Then again, on the other hand, you can look at the 'a new week' as an optimist,  thinking, a fresh slate, new memories, time to conquer new challenges, spend time with your family and come one step closer to your dream. 
Doing the same repetitive routine gets boring and almost depressing sometimes, especially if you been doing the same thing for years of your life! So why not take this Monday to make a change? Don't go wild and quit your job of skive school just change up your routine and live a little more. 
Change the radio station or get a cd,  choose a song that when you here it, it makes you confident and really makes you want to strive for the day head to make things happen. This simple step can make your day a hell of a lot better and can generally just put you in a better mood. 
Why not, organise a night out with your friends for cocktails and beer or even just a quite night in with your other half. Giving yourself little social activities to look forward during the week sometimes gives you the motivation you need to get by, as you feel like your working toward something, instead or being a pre-programmed robot, that stuck in the same old rut. 
Depending on the type of person you are an exercise class may help you de-stress and be motivated for the next day. Why not try some fad classes that are on right now. You could try classes such as kettle bells, zumba or even try a little bokwa. It's been proven exercise helps relieve stress as your body lets endorphin's making you feel good distracting you from your worries. It worth a try, right?  
Or you may even want to just generally treat yourself, relax, take a load off with a spa evening with wine or a cold drink and chocolate. Sounds divine.       (See my posts below to check out the perfect spa night) 
Whatever you choose to do this week, I hope it turns out great and you live it to the full. After all you will never have this week again, so make the most of it while you can and grab every opportunity. Have an amazing week and enjoy the sun if their is any in England this week that is... 

Victoria Jane 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Shopping Abroad: Portugal Edition

Saver Saturday 
Shopping Abroad:Portugal Edition

Travelling the world, New York, Paris, Milan you'd think you be able to pick up the best fashion and beauty purchases considering they're fashion capital of the world, right? But newsflash, you've just found out none of them are on the cards for you this summer, and your parents have just told you your going elsewhere. Maybe just as good but just not as quite as fashion forward... Or maybe you've found your budget won't quite stretch that far this year so as lone roamer or couple your going to tighten the purse strings and go somewhere a little bit more local? 
Regardless of where your travelling this summer, whether it's to the campsite one hour down the road or to Hawaii a hundred miles away, think savy, think beauty, think adventure! 
Travelling to Portugal this summer, a place not considered for it's haute couture but for it's Lushes sea breezes and bikini weather, I had my hunting goggles on for any fashion phenomenons that I would like to try or any amazing deals in general. 
Many of you may already know, usually when us Brits travel across the sea, nine times out ten we will find something cheaper and more purse friendly than it is in Britain. Whether it's in duty free, flying high in the sky, or a tiny idyllic shop you find when your out there, this is the perfect time to splash the cash when you know you're going to saving a few pennies.

         While in Portugal, my friend and I found this gorgeous little boutique like shop selling bags, purses, watches and Jewelry, it went by the name Parfois. You may be familiar as it's across many countries, but you cant find it England, so when we stumbled across this little gem I was pleased to say the least. Unlike my friend who went a little crazy and bought up the shop, I settled on a gorgeous set of mosaic earrings which where relatively inexpensive at the sum of  €4.99 which is the equivalent of £3.26 in England. Bargain!
As I mentioned before my friend went a little wilder with her shopping spree a bought a few items to say the least but even though she piled up the products the price was always purse friendly, which is one of the many reason I would recommend this little shop.
During my time in Portugal I did find other shops that I liked and bought nail varnish, foods and and jewellery from however none quite measured up to our beloved parfois, so I've decided not to ramble about them! 
All in all I just wanted to use this post to let all you fashion savy guys out their know, that just cause it aint a fashion capital doesn't mean you can't get some amazing fashion purchases, so keep your eyes peeled next time your travelling and get your shopping adventure on.

Victoria Jane x 

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