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I don't know about you but a man in a suit screams sex appeal to me. A perfect fit, tailored and tight, my attention is usually drawn to them. This all been said you really need to find the perfect suit to fit you in all the right areas. Bonobos have a summer suit collection tailored for men with a range of lightweight, seersucker and cotton suits that perfectly compliment the summer weather. 
Whether this summer you're a man yourself or buying for your significant other, why not treat yourself for that summer wedding or that up and coming business function?  You can look professional  and feel at ease in a suit, you just need style combined with a lightweight material that can be found right here!
These are some are my favourites from 2014's summer collection:  Bonobos agree that fit is essential and make it a priority when they deign their suits, this is what their VP of design thinks a bout the perfect fit; 
*“Fit is the most important detail for a suit. Marry that with cla…


Well ladies.. It's that time once again, the world cup has arrived! Love or hate football, if you live with a football lover whether it's your boyfriend, Dad or brother or maybe you like a bit of football yourself, it will be invading you're TV.  I have to say I am not lover of football, I prefer the tackles to the goals, and men to the game but if I have to watch it, I will. However regardless, we can all get in the world cup spirit whether you embrace the game itself or not.  You could just buy the colours of your team or you could fully embrace some world cup fashion this 2014 and buy one of these: You can purchase all of these lovely items from! 1. £12.99 2.  £4.99                        3.  £4.99 (on sale for £3.00) 4.  £9.99
I think all these simple tops would look good with distressed shorts and also a light denim skinny jean with converse or vans. What do you think!? Will you be rocking world cup fashion or does football just not get your vote!? 
That's al…