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Tools and websites to ace univsersity | Victoria Lucy

Who ever said first year was easy lied. For those who are naturally able and breeze through life getting amazing grades I wont argue university will be any different, however if you're anything like me, studying is a must and anything that can be used as an aid is God send. That being said, I have devised a few websites that will help you run slightly more smoothly through your turbulent first year. These are all free to use and definitely very helpful.

1. Google TranslateGoogle translate for those long books you've got to read in a night. Reading can be a painfully long process so to save some brain power and some time, you can copy and paste pages and pages of work click the speaker button and it will read it all back to you out loud. (I've done 9 pages at at time)
Click HERE for Google Translate

Pros: Speeds up the reading process                               
Cons: The lady talks in a really boring voice                                 

2. Word CounterI stumbled across word…

Top five Netflix watches in the UK | Victoria Lucy

It's pretty much a given that Netflix is better in other countries. From the movies to the tv shows you can't always get what you want for £5.99 a month. However through my nightly scrolling, and my binge watching, I have narrowed down the best five tv shows you catch on Netflix UK to watch, making your hours turn to days and days to weeks. (Naughty habits I know). P.s These are in no particular order, they're all pretty darn good. 

The Killing
Genre: Murder Mystery 
A drama, mystery vibe on American soil. With 4 seasons depicting the murder of a teenage girl, homicide detectives Linden and Holder try uncover the hidden truths to give justice to the victims family. Meanwhile detective Holden seems to hold a suspicious past, which timelessly clashes with their investigations. 

Pretty Little Liars 
Genre: chick-flicky thriller and mystery
After finishing the vampire diaries or even 90210, this is perfect to keep you on the edge of seat with the thrill of finding out who the blackm…

Long Distant Lovers; An Indian Adventure.

So I travelled and travelled, (click here to see that video) but eventually I made. To the country of food and cultures and without further a do I would like to share it will you;

Video Edit By Omkar Vishnu
I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more travelling adventures and future instalments of long distant lovers.
Victoria  x