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Pamper Perfect!

Pamper perfect  Flat out friday:
TGIF, right? Have you had busy week, working all the hours under the sun, studying until the break of dawn? Are you worn out and not feeling that friday party? Why not take a load off and re-energise with these 10 at home spa night suggestions....  
Step 1
Fill your bath with warm/hot water and a luxury bubble bath. I would suggest  Radox  feel good bubble bath which can be bought at a local supermarket   Step 2  Grab your favourite candles place them safely  round your tub Step 3 Grab a glass of wine or your favourite chilled drink and place within reaching distance Step 4 Grab a book, or put on some music, or do something that relaxes you and enjoy a long leisurely bath Step 5 Get comfy! Get dry and select your favourite jarmies to change in to and chill. I love my silky feeling jarmies from matalan!  Step 6 Now your comfy, we can start moisturising and pampering. Take moisturiser and moisturise your body  i love the body shops body butter in apricot or coconut!  S…

Prescribed beauty: Hay Fever Woes

Prescribed beauty: hay fever woes I wonder Wednesday 
Picture this, your lying out in the sun by the pool on holiday, the suns blazing down and you've got your chilled cocktail to your left... would think right? But no you have this itching in your throat and nose, and your sneezing like a sick puppy. Your eyes are red swollen and sticky and what can we thank for these unattractive symptoms? Hay fever!        Hay fever sucks and can ruin a great day out with friends, a date or even just a chill day. In the uk alone over 10million suffer from this allergy.       This made me want to make a post informing people on some of the ways in which they can get their summer mojo back without dealing with this little bump in the road!      Firstly, in honour of the name of this post you can get doctor prescribed medication. Personally I have eye drops, nasal spray and tablets to try combat my pesky symptoms and these can also be bought at a chemist without a prescription. I can vou…