Pamper Perfect!

Pamper perfect 
Flat out friday: 

TGIF, right? Have you had busy week, working all the hours under the sun, studying until the break of dawn? Are you worn out and not feeling that friday party? Why not take a load off and re-energise with these 10 at home spa night suggestions....  

Step 1
Fill your bath with warm/hot water and a luxury bubble bath. I would suggest  Radox  feel good bubble bath which can be bought at a local supermarket  
Step 2 
Grab your favourite candles place them safely  round your tub
Step 3
Grab a glass of wine or your favourite chilled drink and place within reaching distance
Step 4
Grab a book, or put on some music, or do something that relaxes you and enjoy a long leisurely bath
Step 5
Get comfy! Get dry and select your favourite jarmies to change in to and chill. I love my silky feeling jarmies from matalan! 
Step 6
Now your comfy, we can start moisturising and pampering. Take moisturiser and moisturise your body  i love the body shops body butter in apricot or coconut! 
Step 7
Apply a face mask and follow its instructions. If your looking for inexpensive i would recommend  montange jeunesse face mask range at £1.99 or if your looking for more luxurious maybe liz earles intensive treatment nourishing mask at £14.75
Step 8
Grab some chocolate. I love galaxy and some strawberries, (or even opt for popcorn) pick your favourite film i love friends with benefits who doesnt love a bit of timberlake in their friday? And have a movie marathon 
Step 9 
Gorge and enjoy 
Step 10 
Head to bed relaxed and refreshed! 

P.s you may even invite a friend for the second half of your pamper night for the perfect relaxing evening!

Voilà, there you have it, make that flat out feeling a refreshed and rejuvenated one! 

For now, the ins and outs, ups and downs of victoria jane 



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