Prescribed beauty: Hay Fever Woes

Prescribed beauty: hay fever woes
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Picture this, your lying out in the sun by the pool on holiday, the suns blazing down and you've got your chilled cocktail to your left... would think right? But no you have this itching in your throat and nose, and your sneezing like a sick puppy. Your eyes are red swollen and sticky and what can we thank for these unattractive symptoms? Hay fever! 
      Hay fever sucks and can ruin a great day out with friends, a date or even just a chill day. In the uk alone over 10million suffer from this allergy. 
     This made me want to make a post informing people on some of the ways in which they can get their summer mojo back without dealing with this little bump in the road! 
    Firstly, in honour of the name of this post you can get doctor prescribed medication. Personally I have eye drops, nasal spray and tablets to try combat my pesky symptoms and these can also be bought at a chemist without a prescription. I can vouch for some of these antidotes but on whole nothing seems to completely cure my symptoms so i went on the hunt and researched some tips and tricks! 
     Some suggestions to get rid of those puffy eyes and leave you bright eyed and bushy tailed are cold compresses. These range from cold tea bags, cucumber slices or refrigerated  cool eye packs, you just have to find one that works best for you and really soothes them sticky eyes. 
    A final and last suggestion is to wear those wrap around sunglasses so pollen isn't as able to come in contact with your eyes leaving them fresh and clean. Although these arent the most attractive looking fashion item they have been proven to work, so will you take the fashion faux pas? or do you follow the motto beauty is pain and stick with your old sunnies?  
And now i wonder is there really a cure for hay fever or not? 
    Regardless I hope some of these suggestions work for you and your able to enjoy that cocktail by pool but for now....

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