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Mates, pals, friends, chums or buddies, whatever you call them, we all have them. Whether we just have one close friend who's always there or you have a ginormous group of them, nine times out of ten you'll if they're good, you can count on them in your times of need. 
Good friends are like stars you don't always need to see them to know they're always there, that's why it's so important to pick them carefully. They have the potential to boost your self esteem, so you feel like you could walk on water yet picking the wrong ones can drown you in negativity. So be wise, be informed and fish out the good from the mean and nasty. 
Whether you're just chilling in the house and having drinks and a chat or going out and about for food and a trip, there always their, giving you memories for forever!   
Personally I lie on side of friendship groups where I have a few good friends instead a ginormous group. As I write this blog post the group of people I call friends I trust dearly with the information I share with them and I love the time I spend with them as it's always full or memories and stories we can remember in the future.  
I guess what i'm trying to say is make sure you make time for them, whether you have a boyfriend, family commitments or homework even just giving an hour, keeps the friendship alive and allows your friends insight into your life, so when you really need them they don't feel like you've shut them out for other priorities as no one likes to feel used! 
Friends can be forever, if you make it that way!. So go on do it, have good times, have a fun summer and start living in the fast lane with people you call friends and make some memories worth sharing.

Victoria Jane 


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