Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Positive Thoughts!

Positive Thoughts!

A new week. What does the really mean? You could look at that phrase as pessimist and say, long days commuting to work, house work, arguments and working with colleges that you haven't liked since you started the firm. Then again, on the other hand, you can look at the 'a new week' as an optimist,  thinking, a fresh slate, new memories, time to conquer new challenges, spend time with your family and come one step closer to your dream. 
Doing the same repetitive routine gets boring and almost depressing sometimes, especially if you been doing the same thing for years of your life! So why not take this Monday to make a change? Don't go wild and quit your job of skive school just change up your routine and live a little more. 
Change the radio station or get a cd,  choose a song that when you here it, it makes you confident and really makes you want to strive for the day head to make things happen. This simple step can make your day a hell of a lot better and can generally just put you in a better mood. 
Why not, organise a night out with your friends for cocktails and beer or even just a quite night in with your other half. Giving yourself little social activities to look forward during the week sometimes gives you the motivation you need to get by, as you feel like your working toward something, instead or being a pre-programmed robot, that stuck in the same old rut. 
Depending on the type of person you are an exercise class may help you de-stress and be motivated for the next day. Why not try some fad classes that are on right now. You could try classes such as kettle bells, zumba or even try a little bokwa. It's been proven exercise helps relieve stress as your body lets endorphin's making you feel good distracting you from your worries. It worth a try, right?  
Or you may even want to just generally treat yourself, relax, take a load off with a spa evening with wine or a cold drink and chocolate. Sounds divine.       (See my posts below to check out the perfect spa night) 
Whatever you choose to do this week, I hope it turns out great and you live it to the full. After all you will never have this week again, so make the most of it while you can and grab every opportunity. Have an amazing week and enjoy the sun if their is any in England this week that is... 

Victoria Jane 

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