Shopping Abroad: Portugal Edition

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Shopping Abroad:Portugal Edition

Travelling the world, New York, Paris, Milan you'd think you be able to pick up the best fashion and beauty purchases considering they're fashion capital of the world, right? But newsflash, you've just found out none of them are on the cards for you this summer, and your parents have just told you your going elsewhere. Maybe just as good but just not as quite as fashion forward... Or maybe you've found your budget won't quite stretch that far this year so as lone roamer or couple your going to tighten the purse strings and go somewhere a little bit more local? 
Regardless of where your travelling this summer, whether it's to the campsite one hour down the road or to Hawaii a hundred miles away, think savy, think beauty, think adventure! 
Travelling to Portugal this summer, a place not considered for it's haute couture but for it's Lushes sea breezes and bikini weather, I had my hunting goggles on for any fashion phenomenons that I would like to try or any amazing deals in general. 
Many of you may already know, usually when us Brits travel across the sea, nine times out ten we will find something cheaper and more purse friendly than it is in Britain. Whether it's in duty free, flying high in the sky, or a tiny idyllic shop you find when your out there, this is the perfect time to splash the cash when you know you're going to saving a few pennies.

         While in Portugal, my friend and I found this gorgeous little boutique like shop selling bags, purses, watches and Jewelry, it went by the name Parfois. You may be familiar as it's across many countries, but you cant find it England, so when we stumbled across this little gem I was pleased to say the least. Unlike my friend who went a little crazy and bought up the shop, I settled on a gorgeous set of mosaic earrings which where relatively inexpensive at the sum of  €4.99 which is the equivalent of £3.26 in England. Bargain!
As I mentioned before my friend went a little wilder with her shopping spree a bought a few items to say the least but even though she piled up the products the price was always purse friendly, which is one of the many reason I would recommend this little shop.
During my time in Portugal I did find other shops that I liked and bought nail varnish, foods and and jewellery from however none quite measured up to our beloved parfois, so I've decided not to ramble about them! 
All in all I just wanted to use this post to let all you fashion savy guys out their know, that just cause it aint a fashion capital doesn't mean you can't get some amazing fashion purchases, so keep your eyes peeled next time your travelling and get your shopping adventure on.

Victoria Jane x 

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