Summer reading! Chick Fiction!

Summer reads!

I don't know about you, but personally I love to read. However through my life I've come to discover that this is not the case for everyone. So if your not an avid reader, maybe this post isn't for you, but why not just give it a read and see if it inspires you, this summer.
Throughout the year I read a selection books, depending on how much time I have left juggling college work along side other things. Usually if i'm  unable to fit them in, I mange to fit in at least two through the summer months when there is no college and I have lighter load of work! 
This is the first trilogy- second trilogy = The Fame game
So what do I read? You may ask. Well, personally for me I enjoy quite a various selection of books. Although during the summer months I have tendency to steer more towards the girly chick-fiction thats out there, books such the as the Lauren Conrad trilogies.  I have read  both sets of LC trilogies now, and found them easy reads they're very light hearted and if you enjoyed the Hills reality tv programme, with drama, men and more you bound to like them books, so give 'em a whirl.
Further chick-fiction books that I have enjoyed during the past, has to be the lauren weisberger books that I read a few summer ago. Weisberger wrote the devil wears prada which you may know was made into a movie and part of this collection she also wrote everyone worth knowing, last night at chateau Marmont and chasing Harry Winston. I've read all of these books and enjoyed them so much I get lost in them and enter a different world. The author of the books is highly talented and has the skills to addict you to her book and keep you turning the pages. 
There are so many chick-fiction books I recommend, if anyone ever wants a list of good chick reads let me know in the comments and I will make another  post with a list of my favourite reads.
But for now...... 

Victoria Jane

Chick Fiction books on my reading list: 
. Beneath the glitter Elle and Blair 
. I've got you number Shophie Kinsella 
. One hundred names Cecelia Aheren


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