The Real Reveiw: Tangle Teezer

The real review: 
Tangele Teezer

Did you see everyone going wild for it? No? Well I did. Just a while back I heard many beauty gurus, friends and family talking about these 'tangle teezer' brushes. Being the girl that I am i decided to look further into it to see if they where really worth the money. While I did my research I found out this .....Tangle teezers are "Innovatively designed to allow a pain free hair brushing experience without tugging and pulling on wet hair, whether it's thick, wavy, straight or normal. " Or something very similar in all the places I looked.
Although I've known about the tangle teezer for several months now, it's not up until now that I decided I would give one a try.  
They cought my eye when I went on the aeroplane on my summer travels and found it in the in flight magazine for £12, and I decided that I would like to give it a try and see if it really lived up to my high expectations due to my  research. 
Admittedly, I won't lie I din't purchase the product myself, my mam treated me to it! As I am the best daughter in the world. Haha I kid you. 
However resulting in this purchase I found my favourite hairbrush ever! It's prefect. It's compact, it's girly, and it's serviceable, an amazing combination for anyone, with tangled hair. 
While doing further research I have found that if £12 isn't as budget friendly as you like you can find them for various prices you just have to search around and find the best one for you. However I do recommend this product immensely and if you have really tangled hair, what are you still doing reading this post, go buy one! 
If you have a tangle teezer let me know what you think of em!

Victoria Jane 


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