Weekend Fun: Night Out Essential

The weekend has arrived, so dust off your party heels and find that drop dead gorgeous dress, because it's time to go dancing and party it up! Going out on a night can be the highlight of your week, that's why it's important you take all your essentials for a full proof evening. 

               Every girl has a different set essential to the next, so i'm going to share my top four and  I hope helps you find yours and gives you cause for the perfect night with friends or whoever you're spending your weekend with. 

1. My phone 
In this day in age, I think it would be unusual not to take your phone out with you. As for me I find it my priority on a night out because if my perfect night out turns into a bit of mess and a not-so-prefect night descends upon on me, I like to know my trusty phone is their to save the day whether it's because I need to bail, order a taxi or help a friend in need, I always have it. 

2. Money 
Along side the constant of my phone, the only other thing that I never switch out my bag on night out is money. Money is essential I don't care who you are, money is imperative whether you want to buy a drink, get a taxi or bus or just have to pay into a club. To put it straight if you don't go out with some cash your night could turn into a epic fail almost instantaneously, so do everyone a favour and don't forget to bring some and make the most of your night out! 

3. My choice of Lip product 
Each time I go out this product always changes, depending on my outfit, my mood or just want i'm fancying. I always take a lip product cause I feel regardless of whether the rest of your make-up has melted off because you've danced your heart out, by putting on bit of lipstick you can instantly look more awake and put together without having to take your whole make-up bag! Which means you can get back to dancing and having fun a hell of a lot more quickly! 

4.  Pocket shoes
I'm guessing pocket shoes aren't going to be every girls going out essential  but for me they're a necessity. I love wearing heels but I can't stand the pain they cause me so instead of going out in flats I compromise and take my pocket shoes in my bag for later. Pocket shoes are tiny ballet flats that fold in half and fit in a small clutch or handbag. I would recommend these to any girl who wants to feel there feet the next morning and I always take them if I know the nights going to be a long one.   

             So there you have it my top four night out essentials. Nine times out a ten I will always have these on me and they help my night out go so much more smoothly than if I don't. What are you night essentials that you can't live with out? 

Victoria Jane 


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