Sky diving from a plane, travelling the world, making new friends or even just writing in a diary every day, YOLO is term to live by. YOLO, also known as, you only live once has become a phrase used by hundreds and thousands of teenagers and others all over the world. The term reminding people to step out side the box and be more adventures by grabbing all opportunities thrown at them. 
Sounds like a motto to live by right? But too many people now use YOLO as a free term to behave a little too recklessly. Don't get me wrong i'm always up for a good time if the opportunity arises, but partying 7 days a week and only been able to remember hours of the day before I black out isn't what I call living life to full. 
Although slight cheesy I do feel YOLO interpreted in the right way can change your life, go be adventurous and travel the round, swim with dolphins even colour you hair a wild shade that screams fun, i'm all for that and I say go for it. However there are definitely some YOLO hits but just as many YOLO misses, here is just a few;

- Travelling 
- Meeting New people
- Catch Up's With Old friends

- Swimming with dolphins 
- Write a diary
- Sky dive 
- Stand up for yourself 
- Go for a midnight swim 
- Dye your hair Pink or any colour 
- Get a MEANINGFUL tattoo

- Get drunk every single night of the week
- Get a random tatto
- Behave like a YOB (antisocial is not good) 
- Bully to make your life better 
- Become a criminal - now how big or small 
- Do recreational drugs to fit it 

As you can see YOLO can be seen differently by people everywhere. SO how will you decide to take the term? Will you be adventurous or reckless, sociable or a criminal. The choices are all yours... 

Victoria Jane


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