Be Unique On Hallows'eve...

With Halloween fast approaching many of us out there are searching for the perfect statement costume, to get everyone's head turning. From ghosts to ghouls, Marylin to minions there is more than likely a costume to fit your Halloween needs.
As I am from the UK, we have a tendency to stick with the scarier side of Halloween with ghosts, witches and goblins but as it's brought to my attention in countries such as America costumes can range from a a ghost, to a fairy-godmother or even Spiderman, as long as your dressed up anything goes.
So searching through the internet I have found my top three unique costumes that's may have heads turning;

1. Despicable Me 'Minion' 
With despicable me, lighten up the big screen for a second time this year, Minion accessories have become common, with their cute faces adorning everything from pencils to bed sheets. So why not embrace the trend and go as minion? It's not a common costume and you're likely to stand out from a crowd of ghosts and ghouls. 
Click HERE or watch the video below to see how Bethany Mota creates the most unique minion costume.
2. The conjuring Doll 
Sticking to the theme with movies that have graced the big screen. The conjuring has also been a blockbuster this year which has had many trembling in their boots with it's very creepy looking doll. It's not you typical witch or pumpkin, so will definitely not having you blending in with the rest of them. So why not click HERE to see Blair Fowler help you DIY your own conjuring doll costume, or click below. 
3. Dead Little Red Riding Hood 
Taking a break from movies, books are our next destination and a fairytale no less, little red riding hood has to be a sweet Halloween costume but of course it Halloween so we don't want to look too cute!  So how about a 'dead' little red riding hood  look with blood and wounds galore.  Take your pick from a selection of shop bought ones like the one below or be adventurous and crafty and have a go at making your own but it's definitely unique, so why not see how many head you turn? 

So what will you be this Halloween a creepy doll or a cute minion? or will you be trick or treating or parting? Let me no in the comments and have a happy Halloween!!! 
That's all for now ins and outs, ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane 


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