But What If It Goes Wrong?

A slightly different post for my blog today, but I didn't post for a while last week and that's because it all went a little wrong....
In life we are constantly reminded to remain positive, be happy and look on the bright side of life, but what happens when you're pushed over the edge, and you just can't? Are you made to feel like a failure because you can't cope or are you just putting to much pressure on yourself?  The latter is more likely to be the case, in many situations.
      We all go through periods of time, when life just isn't working in our favour, regardless if it's friends, family an embarrassing situation or anything that generally makes you feel like crap and sometimes you may find it so hard to cope.
       On the whole there is no way in which I can make each and every person feel better with advice, as everyones mind set is different and different things make you feel better, but what I can tell you that you can try find what will cheer you up and get you out of your rut.
       For me recently, I went through a period where life just seemed to be a force working against me, and I hated it. At college I was behind on the work and the night I tried to catch up, my computer crashed and I lost every piece of my work, my photos, videos, everything really. So I had to start from scratch. Then eight hours later when I finished all more work, for the second time I realised I couldn't print my work because my printer was no longer connected to my computer so it was inevitable I was going to miss my deadline and I did. Although this pushed me over the edge just enough to make me get frustrated, lifes incidents didn't stop there and although I won't share the rest of my issues because I don't want to bore you with details of the week my life went down the toilet it became really hard to remain positive and look on the so called bright side of life. 
     So how did I deal with it? Pretty badly I guess seen as though I got frustrated and cried a lot, but at the time I felt as if I didn't really have anyone to talk to, or more to the point I didn't want to talk to anyone so I made the decision to bury myself in a project. Which just so happened was my blog or writing blog posts to later post on here and I loved it. I loved engrossing myself in projects such as a new book or blog posts, it takes my mind off the hard times and transform into a a different person. Perfect 'me' time. 
    So although I will never know what works best for you, try and explore for yourself, is it a project, talking to a friend, posting expressive posts on tumblr  or what? You explore and you decide. 
That's all for now. The ups and downs, ins and outs of 
Victoria Jane 


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