"Looking in your bathroom mirror, you discover that one humongous spot that you had  on your chin yesterday has multiplied into 5 more across you face. ARGHHH! You start frantically caking make-up on them to cover up the rude red imposters, but alas nothing is working and they keep rearing their ugly heads through the layers of make-up you are vigorously applying. What can you do!?"

Blemishes  and spots can spots can ruin your day when they do appear, as I believe if you feel good you'll have a better day and if they're making you feel insecure it can be reflected in your day. As it is they're are here to stay for a while, and there is nothing we can do about them except grin and bear it and wait for them to disappear.  However even though we all get them now and again or for those with acne and other skin conditions all the time. there are a few steps which I try to carry out which I believe help my skin, and may help yours even though I should carry it out a little more often than I do!

And typically, completely these four simple steps, twice a week, keeps my spots at bay and face in clear state which helps me to remain positive and my day more likely to go smoothly. However if I am having a bad week or month with spots I will drink more water and do this routine between 3-5 times a week.
What are you holy grail facial regime items? Do you have one that works amazingly? Well, that's all for now the ins and outs, ups and downs of
Victoria Jane 


  1. Hey,i'm usin' clay for my face,and it's very good)i guess that right food,fresh air and water are very good for clean face)
    i followed your blog)itis very nice,hope to see you in mine)))

  2. Great tips! Thank you for sharing. Usually cleaning your face will get rid of oils and excess skin especially when removing make up. I also share alot of natural facial masks on my blog. You can check it out. Have a great day!

    1. Yeah I totally agree, and i will check them out, I just have to be careful cause I have sensitive skin. Thanks for the comment.


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