Job Specifics: The Perfect Interview Wear!

At one point or another most of us have to find a job, whether it be a Saturday job while your at school or college or a full time time job and the start of your career, its regardless. The point is, the majority of these jobs start off in the same way, with an interview, an interview where the first impression of you counts, where a person instantly decides whether you go in the hit or miss pile, so everything you do with in this time counts. Therefore your outfit hair and make-up are a massive contributing factor of whether you will get the job or not. So i've being doing some research to find out what the majority of your future employers maybe looking for! 
1: Neutral, natural make-up 
As an employer they are looking for someone who will represent their business positively and you cant be doing this by having a girls night out face full of make-up, so you need to tone it down and go for more of a natural look. Click HERE if you would like a tutorial on how to get an amazing natural look or take inspiration from this picture of Selena! 
2. Smart appropriate clothing 
Depending on the job your applying for, the word 'appropriate' varies considerably. For example going to work in desk job 9 till 5 may entail you should be wearing, a smart dress or trousers covering piercings and tattoos but then again having tattoos and piercings on display may get you the job if you're applying to be a tattoo artist. So be smart and be aware, and think what would you want to see if someone were applying to work for you! HERE or some of my suggestions to the side.
3. Simple hair 
Hair is one of the areas in which i personally believe you can go a bit wilder for as its your personal look. Although i still suggest something simple maybe just straighten it or do a simple plait, here are some of my suggestions to the side for the perfect hair on interview day. 
So they you have it my top 3 interview friendly tips on how to look appropriate for the big day. Good luck to anyone out there who is looking for a job right now.
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