"You wake up late and have to do your make-up in record time, grabbing for your foundation you start to look around for the rest of your make-up, but you can't find your concealer or mascara, in the jungle of lipsticks and hair ties on your dresser. Crap, your going to be late! You NEED to get organised."  

Organisation comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others. Unfortunately for me, I seem to be part of the latter, where as no matter how many times I try stay on top of everything I don't manage it, but i'm persistent in trying. So this is how I've organised my make-up draw for the last 6 months and it's really helped me keep everything in order, especially on those days when i want a few extra minutes in bed.
- This is the dresser which I store all my beauty and hair items.

This draw to the left is dedicated to make-up only, so this means I alway know where it will be as it wont be scattered everywhere!

An over view of my storage

 Okay, so there you have it, at the back I have took three old plastic Chinese tupperware containers and I have placed them at the back of my drawers. (From left to right) In the first I have a benefit box which holds my lipsticks which I don't use on weekly basis. In the second I keep face and eye products such as powder, blush, eye liner and eye shadow and in the third is miscellaneous items such as eye liner sharpeners, brush cleaner and eye make-up remover.
Then moving to the front left, I have my main make-up bag which is from Elizabeth Arden and it fits perfectly in the space, and it contains all of my everyday make-up from foundation to lipstick, so if I'm in a rush I know all my items that I will need can be found in here, so im not searching all over.  
Then last but by no means least is the right side,which at the bottom I store my daily disposable contact lenses from Specsavers and on top to cover them up I keep my make-up wipes stored upside down which are Beauty Formulas gentle soft apricot cleansing facial wipes.
So there you have it, that's how I organise my make-up draw. How do you organise yours? Or do you have an entire cupboard or desk to store your make-up?
Well, thats all for now
the ins and out's ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane


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    Ótima quarta!

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