4th December 2013 

Starbucks holds a special place in my heart for a special number of drinks, not really liking tea or coffee, you'd think it wouldn't really appeal to me, but hunting through the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly I have found my golden two!
        Regardless of whether it's cold hot or rainy I don't care, my top favourite is a icy cold mango and passion fruit frappacino, because it's so delicious.  It's icy tendency on cold day never put's me off, if you love mango and passion fruit J20 you will love this juicy goodness and it's a great alternative if your visiting Starbucks and you don't like tea or coffee!
       Coming in a close second to the mango and passion fruit frappacino, has to be a Starbucks signature hot chocolate. Hot chocolate warms the belly nicely on cold day and also makes a great hand warmer so wrap your hands hand around that cup and bask in the chocolate and creamy goodness! 
      Admittedly I do also enjoy many other Starbucks drinks, but these are my go to ones, when I don't have time to browse the menu, and it's great as one works better for cold days and the other on hot days, but I mix it up whenever I feel like it, so why don't you? What's your favourite Starbucks drink this winter season? Is it cold, is it hot? Or do you just not like Starbucks?
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