I will admit it, I am one of the most disorganised, messy people on earth, however although I could live in mess and it would never bother me, sometimes it becomes the time when others around you need a tidy space and you have to oblige. So here we go my messy room, strewn with clothes, messy beds and boxes tidied within 15mins and here are my tidying up tips! 

Tip 1 
Make your bed, put everything on it on the floor and make it - *BOOM* Your room looks instantly tidier 

Tip 2
Shut any open door or draws 

Tip 3
Empty the bin or any rubbish you have in your room

Tip 4
Section you room up. Working in a clock wise direction, section your room up in to 4 and clean each section one by one. It motivates you because you can can down the sections till your finished. 

Tip 5 & 6 
Work to music, give each section a different song and try tidy as much as you can before the song finishes it's a challenge and motivation. However if your not into music  you can work to a time limit put the timer on your phone for 15 minutes try tidy your entire room and next you go to tidy your room remember you have to do it 14 minutes to try and beat yourself. 

Tip 7 
Try to Keep tidy! 

So they're all I have and what I work by depending on my mood. If you're anything like me you will see tidying as chore but these tips to help quicken the pace. Do you have any tidying tips? What are they? Share them below! 

That's all for now, the ins and outs, ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane


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