The New accessories: THE PHONE CASE!

Phone cases are now a very in thing. You'll see them adorning everyone's phones from you favourite celebrity to you next door neighbours. One problem I had with phone cases was they were always so over priced, like £20 for a phone case - NO THANK-YOU!  So recently I have been on the hunt for my favourite, fashion forward purse friendly ones and this was my favourite! 

I got this from ebay for £1.99 and I love it. It's glittery back matches any outfit and it's simple glitter detailing makes it easier to hunt out in any girls handbag!  Do you have a fun case?
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  1. I actually have the same case in several color including the one you have and I too am a frugal person and found them on ebay inexpensive. I like your posts and thank you for your lovely comment I will follow you as you have an interesting / versatile blog. Look forward to talking to you soon as I hope you will be adding me back


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