Get to know me: THE ACCENT TAG!

My blog is my favourite, I love it to pieces however I'm fully aware that it's's rather impersonal. I don't do my own outfits like the majority of beauty bloggers do and I very rarely share anything about me that is not fashion on beauty related. So I decided to do a few videos, as a get to know me for my blog so I don't feel as distant from all of you. I've started it off with a ACCENT TAG because all you people are from all over the world so I pretty sure even if you're from England my accent is more than likely a bit different to yours, so why not have a watch and see if I'm right!?
So there you have it my accent with a range of different questions, why not answer the questions below or even make your own video and be sure to let me know so I can watch it!
That's all for now,
the in's and out's, up's and down's of 
Victoria Jane


  1. great post dear.i follow you via gfc & bloglovin
    keep intouch & kisses

  2. Great post, I loved it! Cute blog.


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