Winter Reading!

When the temperature drops, and the the wind blows it's time to pick up a good book, bundle up with a blanket and a large cup of hot coco and disappear into a fantasy land.  
 The winter months give us the perfect excuse to spend some time indoors and get our inner bookworm on, and I am going to recommend some of my favorites
For a little, light hearted reading over this winter season, I would recommend anything Sophie Kinsella (she also writes as Madeline Wickham, however I much prefer Sophie Kinsella books). This winter I have indulged into the next book in her confessions of a shopaholic series 'Mini Shopaholic' if you love shopping, romance and drama this is the perfect read for you and will definitely get you gripped in her series. If you have seen the movie, do not let it put you off reading the books because they 10x better. Trust me! 

However if your looking for something for a little more edge and enjoyed the fifty shades of grey series and like that adult romance erotica, the 'This Man' series by Jodie Ellen Malpas is perfect for you and tells the adventurous tale, depicting the scandalous lives of Ava O'shea and Jesse Ward and how their raunchy world wind romance turns into a lovers tale.  Very much a book for an over eighteen audience. 

Another book that has caught my attention this cosy winter season is neither man or romance related so if that's not your style you're in look. The book I am currently reading is 'Ice Princess' by Camilla Lackberg a Swedish author. This book is of a detective nature and depicts an author who's childhood friend supposedly committed suicide and while writing a memoir for the family she finds out more than she bargains for and discovers how the death really occurred. 

I could go on and on describing the books that I have read this winter time however I won't bore you and will update you in the near future of some more good books that I recommend depending on nature and age range.

That's all for now my fellow bookworms 
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  1. I have a few Sophia Kinsella books, they're truly a great choice for winter time :)
    Thanks for your visit. I follow back on gfc #27 and bloglovin #21. Keep in touch :) xx



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