Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Basics.Fashion Building Blocks!

Fashion on a budget, difficult, right? Well don't fear because you can look just as fab as the celebs, with this list of fashion building blocks. Once you have these, life becomes a lot easier. Check out the Olsen twins sporting simple jean shorts and t-shirts and looking designer. Who said you can't do the same?

Have you got all your fashion basics? 
Let me know. 
The ins and out's, ups and downs of 
Victoria Jane 


  1. lovely list, they're indeed essential

  2. definitely some classics! I'd add a good blazer in there

  3. we've always believed in investing in basics. They're so versatile and so easy to style in countless ways!

  4. this makes so much sense!
    Following you now with GFC and Bloglovin. Will appreciate if you follow back too!

  5. Hello dear :)) great post! I'm following you on GFC and waiting follow me back

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  7. Have to have a white singlet (thin and thick strap) these are my go to pieces on days where no other shirt matches the outfit (i'm pretty sure we have all had those days).
    Look forward to more posts!


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