Lets talk about beauty or the lack of it that surrounds my life right about now... Beauty on a budget is hard enough, right!? But beauty with no money or next to nothing is more than difficult.

Im 18 and a student, I have no job and have booked a girls holiday to Zante... completely logical, right? More like completely stupid but im working on it... selling my life on ebay one product at time i'll get there in the end whether it kills me in the end or not.

So all things considered I NEEDED to find some beauty purchases on a very very tiny budget... I'm talking £5 or less here gurlies i'm on a serious credit crunch! :-( and through these penny pinching times I've found some of my favourite products:

1. Rimmel London Black Kohl Eye Liner  £1.99
2. MUA Bronzing Powder £1.00 
3. Rimmel London Complexion Powder £2.99

Beauty on a shoe string budget can be really difficult and slightly depressing but its manageable so get searching as these three products are my best friends and can all be found in superdrug, so get you fivers at the ready ladies! 

What are you budget buys!? Let me know below!

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  1. MUA are the best :)

  2. rimmel powder is great :)



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