12 Month: Saving Savy Budget.

Although this may be a strange post for this time a year, I'm still going to show you my 12 month saving savy budget. Of course you would typically start saving in January and start your savings from there, but becoming a student recently, I've decided I wanted to save. I'm not talking mega bucks, after all I did say student, but around £500 realistically, so we all have plenty of pennies for Christmas.

The table above is devised in away that every other month is a cheat month, for example your not really saving a great deal your just putting a little to the side and it doesn't really effect you bank balance (These are coloured blue). Therefore the pink  is unfortunately the big daddies, although there is less pink months these will be your big saving that will build your total. 

I've made this table in effect of my personal life, for example in December and January the saving payments are only £20 due to the fact, we all go a little overboard and Christmas and money becomes a little tight, so we can't be putting £90 to the side when we already are living on peanuts. 

So there you have it, my 12 month saving savy budget, remember if you alter the table for your own life and schedule to factor in birthdays and key events in each month, so you don't end up having to save £60 when your going on three nights out and have two birthdays to pay for. Save Saavy and save a little and put the big payments in the quieter months. 

I hope this helps you save a little dollar so Christmas isn't a big shock on bank balance like it is for me most years. 



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