Halls: The Twelve Essentials

So you may be thinking this post is here a little belated, as every-ones moved into halls by now, however when I wrote this post I wanted to speak from experience, rather than educated guesses.  So  I've been here for an entire month now (yeah so experienced, I know) I would like to share with you the 12 key items, that you should bring a long with you to halls, including the things I forgot, DOH!

1. A plug extension Cord
Don't be caught out by awkward plugs and nowhere to plug your phone in, Think smart and bring an an extension cord.
2. Hair bobbles and bobby pins
Don't have lifeless limp hair on your first night out, remember your bobbies and your bobbles!
3. A printer (if you can)
Don't wanna roll out of bed at 8am to print your assignment off at the library? Get yourself a printer for your room and print off at your leisure. (Although printers are a little pricey, so sometimes the library is good enough)
 P.s - Make sure you link it your laptop before getting to uni because trying to do that, can be a little stressful 
4. Stationary including punched pockets
Although its easy to be caught up in the hype of moving out with new bedding and room decor ideas, don't forget you're going to UNIVERSITY, you also need stationary to get you through the day smoothly.  
5. Bath: towel or scrunchie
Don't be the one stuck in the shower with nothing to wash yourself with, except your hands; remember your shower accessories including, a flannel, scrunchie or sponge. 
6. Basic Food
Start your time off well and buy your basic foods such as rice, pasta, bread and milk, there's nothing worse then settling in and realising you now have to go on a big shop.
7. Alcohol
Don't be the only one who turns up without the alcohol, we all know the first night = party night, so come prepared. 
8. Speakers
Music is a must!
9. Laundry Bin
You gotta have somewhere to have your dirty stuff, think logically!
10. Extra Knives and Forks
No matter how many knives and forks you bring some will go missing without a doubt, so bring a back up selection, as you don't want to be knife-less at the dinner table.
11. A bin 
Of course you'll have a bin in your kitchen but do you really wanna be going down the hall every time you want to put something in the bin? Make you life easier and buy a cute little bin from ikea or B&M and your room will stay a little cleaner.  
12. Laptop 
If your not a library person your own laptop is essential, as you will be able to access everything from the comfort of your own room 24/7. 

If your heading to university this coming year, I hope these 12 little suggestions keep you on the straight and narrow and you're prepared and excited as ever. Enjoy your time. 



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