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Who ever said first year was easy lied. For those who are naturally able and breeze through life getting amazing grades I wont argue university will be any different, however if you're anything like me, studying is a must and anything that can be used as an aid is God send. That being said, I have devised a few websites that will help you run slightly more smoothly through your turbulent first year.
These are all free to use and definitely very helpful.

1. Google Translate

Google translate for those long books you've got to read in a night. Reading can be a painfully long process so to save some brain power and some time, you can copy and paste pages and pages of work click the speaker button and it will read it all back to you out loud. (I've done 9 pages at at time)
Click HERE for Google Translate

Pros: Speeds up the reading process                               
Cons: The lady talks in a really boring voice                                 

2. Word Counter

I stumbled across word counter when I didn't have access to Microsoft word and fell in love with it's helpfulness. Take your work, copy and paste into the box and it will tell you anything from what level your assignment read at: for example a primary school student or a college graduate to the words you use the most and how many sentences you have. It's very helpful as it stops you repeating yourself and ensures your sentence length are adequate.
Click HERE for word counter.  

Pros: Can tell you everything you need                            
Cons: It's not built in to word

3. Quizlet

This is website I brought with me from my high school days. Quizlet works as an online flash card, for example: say you key term was 'capitalism' you place this word in one column and the definition of 'capitalism' in another and it will transform into a flash card.  This is very helpful for revision purposes for key words and definitions.
Click HERE for Quizlet

Pros: Is amazing for revising key concepts                     
Cons: You can't revise detailed ideas.

4. Coggle and Notes

If you're not a fan of taking not notes in a regular chronological order like the majority of people. This is a fabulous website called Coggle  which is a digital version of spider diagram. After each diagram you can save it to refer back to, when you need it. You can make them as detailed as colourful and as neat as you like and they'll always be there when you need to come back to them for revision purposes. I find them most helpful when planning out my assignments.
Click HERE for COGGLE 

Pros; Neat and clearer way to store notes                      
Cons: You have to print them all off if you want physical copies                                 

These are just the top few that I use to help me through my revisions and assignments. I have an abundance of others which can be very helpful at times. So let me know if you need any more ideas for study websites and if you have an good ones please post them below to help everyone else out. 



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