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It's pretty much a given that Netflix is better in other countries. From the movies to the tv shows you can't always get what you want for £5.99 a month. However through my nightly scrolling, and my binge watching, I have narrowed down the best five tv shows you catch on Netflix UK to watch, making your hours turn to days and days to weeks. (Naughty habits I know). P.s These are in no particular order, they're all pretty darn good. 

The Killing 
Genre: Murder Mystery 
A drama, mystery vibe on American soil. With 4 seasons depicting the murder of a teenage girl, homicide detectives Linden and Holder try uncover the hidden truths to give justice to the victims family. Meanwhile detective Holden seems to hold a suspicious past, which timelessly clashes with their investigations. 

Pretty Little Liars 
Genre: chick-flicky thriller and mystery 
After finishing the vampire diaries or even 90210, this is perfect to keep you on the edge of seat with the thrill of finding out who the blackmailing stalker 'A' is! With a dash or murder, a spritz of glam and pinch of drama this is perfect to fit anyone one needs who likes to wait out a mystery. 

Shadow Hunters 
Genre: Fantasy 
New to the UK screen, a fantasy based series which could be likened to the hunger game or divergent. Based on a young girl Clary who is suddenly thrust into a life of protecting humans from demons while uncovering clues to find where her mother is being kept captive, with many more twists and turns along the way. (New episode every Wednesday)

Jessica Jones 
Genre: Action Superhero 
A Marvel creation in the marking, based on Jessica Jones a once human who gained super hero strength. She uses it to help her carry out her private eye career. Until the day in which her past comes back to haunt her and pushes her superheoro limits.  

Orphan Black 
Genre: Drama - Thriller 
A Sci-Fi action packed thriller in which a woman running away from her past witnesses a lady who throws her self in front of an oncoming train, shocked she goes to look at her, only to find they look exactly the same and she assumes her identity. 

Other recommendations: Bates Motel, Suits, Life Unexpected, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Fringe

I hope your days are filled with lots of Netflix love in the future. What are some more Netflix favourites in the UK?



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