Beauty Fail: Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo | Victoria Lucy

When it comes to dry shampoo, I'm it's number one fan. Batiste is my favourite although it can become a little pricey at £3.50 an aerosol at you local store. Feeling a little frugal, I opted for the £1.50 herbal essences alternative but oh boy oh boy what a mistake I made. The dry shampoo left my hair feeling heavy and tacky, full of product and worse than when I originally applied it. Having blonde hair I don't usually have a problem covering it's white powdery remains when using my Batiste dry shampoo however using this herbal essence alternative left my scalp dry and it took  2-3 minutes in order to make the white streaks disappear. 

Quick 3 question overview

Would I recommend it to someone else: NO
Would I use it again: NO
Is it worth the money: NO

Sometimes no mater what your budget is, it's better to splurge a few more pounds than waste them. Don't be caught out by it's sleek and professional look on the shelf like I did. Learn to splurge or learn to live with out, it's truly a product not worthy of your money.



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