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A round trip to London in 26 hours, yep that's right you heard me. But did we miss out on what the big city had to offer, certainly not. Within that tight schedule, we managed to;  explore Oxford street, Visit the three story lush in all it's glory, visit the hotel, wine and dine our selves with room service, visit Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and grab a snack for the train (while looking over the London Eye).

You Will Need;

1. A Maps App
2. Comfy shoes
3. Energy
4. Enthusiasm for exploration

Free Activities: Window Shopping, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Spying the Eye (You don't have to go on it)

We added some sweeties and goodies from the supermarket for a treat rather than paying high train station Prices.
Likewise, of age? Well why not get your weekend started with a lovely glass of wine. Buy yours at the local supermarket to avoid expensive train prices just like we did.
Firstly, we visited Oxford street (Not Pictured) some well deserved retail therapy, with our walking shoes and the apple maps - a girls best friend. We shopped till we dropped, window shopping and a bit more (naughty I know) and ended the night tucked up in our hotel.
Day two dressed to death in more layers than needed. We used the trusty apple maps for a walk to Buckingham Palace for some picture perfect photo opportunities and see the typical London attractions.

Pictures on point, we went to find Big Ben and the London eye all free once again, having laughs and giggles a long the way.

Not to mention the abundance of street acts from singers to magicians which remain at you disposal without a price tag and are simply there for your FREE enjoyment.

So there you have 26 hours in London with all the sights ticked off, it is possible! Don't be put off by the London price tag, you just have to look for alternative methods to station and black cab prices.

Helpful tip: Not keen on the underground, try Uber taxis as cheaper alternative to black cabs. 



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