Spring in to Fitness: A Spring Walk | Victoria Lucy

Time for Spring and to get you healthy body on.  When the weathers lightening up and the sun is starting to peak through the clouds, it's time to get your exercise on, outdoor style. I'm not talking hard core pull up's in the park but a light stroll around the woodlands with the pup or a friend is perfect. A little walk helps get some exercise into your daily routine and embrace the changing season. I took some snaps of my latest spring walk on  a local trail and I hope they inspire you to take up some outdoor adventures.

A peak through trees - to see through the cloudless sky

To the tunnel and beyond... 

A quick snap of lola on her walk, looking onward to the remains of bird nests left from winter.

Bright enough to cast a shadow! You bet ya, I had to take a picture of that.

Yellow Spring wonders peaking through the greenery. 

What are you doing to embrace the warmer weather? The perfect time to spring into fitness. 


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