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Ever really wanted a face primer to keep your make-up on but found all them designer brands out there are way too expensive. Well from some research of the past couple of weeks and trying it out for myself it has come to my attention that this £4-£5 solution of Nivea post shave balm (depending where you shop) is a miracle. And even better a little goes a long way! 

Put a dab on the back your hand and massaging it into your face pre make-up routine and your make up will stay in place and on for a lot longer, it's great for a night out and stop you having to try and squeeze so many products in your clutch on a night out.  

Quick Question Overview 
Would I recommend it to someone else? Yes 
Would I use it again: Yes
Is it worth the money: Yes 
Rating out 10: 8/10 


  1. I hear everyone is talking about this shave balm and they use it as a primer! I must give it a try...

    1. @DimiAna, You really should it works wonders, I would really recommend it x


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