De-Stress: Meditating and Yoga at Uni | Victoria Lucy

Some people say first year of uni is easy, I say first year took my brain, stamped all over it and returned to my head in broken pieces. University brought me stress, anxiety and sometimes even disappointment in my self. I tried all sorts to wrap my head around the mounds of work and stress I was dealing with in ways such as; self-organisation, morning revision, night revision, saying to hell with it all and just going on nights out. However none of these particularly worked individually, until I started to consider meditation and yoga. With that, almost everything fell into place.

I started off basic, with a bathroom towel and a Youtube video called Yoga with Adriene for beginners and I've never looked back. No expensive gym membership needed, all I have bought is a £8 yoga mat from Amazon and a £2 yoga block from Tiger and there you have it, exercise, clarity and peace for the foreseeable future.

While I say yoga and meditation put everything into place, I don't mean a miricacle was cast over me and I became this all strong super human who could deal with anything. What I do mean though is... Taking time for 20 minutes a day for yoga and 10 for meditation gives you time to take the stress out of you for the day and put life into perspective. It stops you worrying about everything and have a little you time, that you well deserve. 

It's pretty much free and has a lot of health benefits such as improving your concentration which is an a large upside for me at university. As well as improving blood circulation around the body, I could go and bore you with the science but I won't because google is just a click a way. 

Yoga and meditation are not for everyone but why not give it a go and see if you can improve your body's well being, all you need is a bath towel and the internet. I will list some beginners yoga videos for you to have a try. Now you don't have an excuse. 


Yoga for beginners


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