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What I ate Wednesday 

Food is my haven. Every scrumptious crumb, every luscious bite, food is the one thing I look forward to each and every day no matter what happens. From sweet and sour chicken to spaghetti carbonara my diet has been dosed with high fats, sugars and salt from breakfast to supper. With each unhealthy choice my body has increased in size (To my dismay). Over the years my dress size has multiplied to a place and time of the present day, where I can honestly say I am no longer happy with the way my body looks.  This bringing me to the point of this post; a what I ate Wednesday before I decided to change my lifestyle.   

Within this post you can see my diet of what I ate prior to making better lifestyle decisions, showing a lifestyle sans exercise, keeping me stuck in a unhealthy rut. 

(Disclaimer: These food are not all from the same day, however they remain examples of what I ate on a day in and out basis and at the following times)

Breakfast 10AM: 
Full English with White Bread and Butter and Orange Juice

Lunch 12PM:
Jacket potato (Buttered) with beans and full fat cheese. With a salad I didn't eat and Cadburys Milkshake with cream.

Dinner 7PM:
Five Guys - Cheese burger, small fries and Fanta

Extras (After dinner):
A couple of biscuits before bed 

It's clear to see my dietary habits were as far away from healthy as the possibly could be. A high intake of sugary chocolates ruled my day playing towards my undeniable sweet tooth, it clear to see my diet was poor. While I have to admit I haven't gone as far as 'clean eating' and I'm no health expert but I would argue my eating habits are a lot healthier, which you can see in next weeks what I ate Wednesday!



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