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What I Ate Wednesday 

Out with the old and in with new. A new lifestyle that is! As cliche as it may sound, you really only live once and what you put into your body consequently shapes it. I can quite honestly say, that I have become down about my body and no longer have the confidence to dress is as I would like, constantly covering my arms with long sleeved tops, with high waisted jeans to keep my tummy tucked in. I envy those around me who wear all the latest styles, while I remain feeling more than a little frumpy. 


It's time I stopped feeling sorry for myself, it's only me who can change me, so time to get on the health band wagon all the way to fit and healthy land.  Feeling sorry for yourself does not get you fit and I can truly say I have years experience with this tactic (unfortunately). So, as of two weeks ago I changed my diet, increased the amount of water and fruit in my diet and started completing light exercise (which will progress when I get fitter).  So here it it my what I ate Wednesday featuring a healthier lifestyle. 

Breakfast 9am:  

Berry Banana Smoothie

Weight Watchers Orange Biscuit Bar

Lunch 12pm

Fish Finger Bagel
Skinny white bagel (great alternative to brown bread), 3 Fish Fingers, Lighter than light mayonnaise and Lettuce


Small Bowl of Fruit and Yogurt and a Cheese String (which is very low in calories and high in protein!)

Dinner 7:15pm

Chicken, sage and onion Cobbler with Mashed Potato

with carrots, onions, leeks, barley, chicken and sage and onion dumplings
Drinks through out the day: Coffee, Tea and Water (only)

Exercise:  1 Hour Dog Walk on a Bike Trail

There you have it, a day in the life of my healthy lifestyle progress. I hope like myself, you can see a considerable change in my diet from my last post, which you can read HERE (because I certainly can). I also hope this can encourage, even just one person to get out there and just make one healthy change to your life. You could chose from, waking up earlier to exercising for 20 minutes or even just switching one of your meals out for healthier option because every little helps (Sorry for sounding like a cheesy Tesco slogan).



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