DIY: Hexagon Shelves | Victoria Lucy

Recently I moved house, and I was finding it really difficult to find a statement piece to go on my main wall above my bed. I tried so many options including; tapestry's, photo art, string art, mirrors and pictures and I didn't like any.  Taking my woes to Youtube I found an abundance of Pinterest D.I.Y's.  Some remained so far out my league although one did pique my interest. Hexagon Lollipop Shelves.

I'm not going to pretend I have come up with a ground-breaking idea. Nevertheless below you can find links to everything you will need and a video on a how to: Pinterest perfect hexagon shelving. Click each material to be lead to its appropriate link.

What You Will Need:  

Spray Paint or Wood Stain 

To Decorate Like Mine:
Fashion Prints

However what's best about these shelves as you don't have to decorate them like anyone. They can be completely unique to you.  You may even add fairy lights to light them up. 

Find the video I used here:

All Credit to, WhatsUpMoms on Youtube, Find her Youtube Channel by Clicking On the Link

I think these look perfect on on my wall as a statement piece. Since having these on my walls anybody who has seen them as complimented them and asked if they're really homemade!  For a relatively inexpensive decor piece why not give it ago? 



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