9 Fun Things To Do At Christmas Time | Victoria Lucy

Its Christmas time and I have to say I am not one to shy away from the festivities. I absolutely love them! So, the list below comprises of  10 things you can do to get you into the festive spirit. 

1. Ice Skating 

Good or bad at it? You can't deny it screams Christmas fun. From your traditional ice-rinks to your pop up festive ones, there's probably a rink not too far from you.  At around £10 a ticket you cant complain at a few hours of festive fun to get you into the Christmas spirit.

2. Christmas Markets 

There's usually Christmas markets popping up everywhere this time of year. From your local village hall to your big city markets, there will be one somewhere. Dependent on where you go, there may be a small charge. However, typically they are free and are great for a browse. 

3. Christmas Movie Marathon 

I'm sorry to state the obvious but DUH! Of course a Christmas movie marathon. Everyone has their own Christmas favourite, so why not start with that one? From Hallmark cheese to the classics there are too many to choose from. So far I've already watched; ELF, The Holiday, A Christmas Wish, A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Detour. There are also a lot more to go. What are your Christmas favorites?

4.  Festive Baking 

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to cute festive bakes. From cookies to brownies, crispies to cakes they have lots of unique ideas. There's nothing quite like eating Christmas treats to get you in the Christmas mood. 

5. Christmas Decorating

Nothing screams Christmas than being able to put your Christmas decorations. I love to put mine up within the first week of December, usually the 1st- so I know I have 24 days to enjoy the festive decorations. Moreover, the decorations add to any movies day, Christmas playlist or hot chocolates 10x more enjoyable.

6. Hot Chocolate and a Walk 

I love a good walk with my doggo Lola, but doggo or no doggo a brisk walk in the winter air paired with a hot drink is delightful. I love embracing the cold air, all tucked up in my coat hat and gloves sipping my hot choccie for warmth. 

7. Christmas Shopping 

This one is pretty self-explanatory but whats better than picking out gifts for your loved ones. Nothing gets me more in the mood than knowing I've got everything for my friends and family.

8. Wrap Christmas Presents

After your Christmas shop, you're likely to have lots of prezzies you need to wrap. Put on those Christmas films or music if that's your thing and wrap all the goodies up with ribbons, wrapping, and sparkles.  

9.  Make your favourite festive drink  

Last but by no means least your favourite festive drink. Eggnog, hot chocolate or even a mulled wine. Find a recipe and try to make it yourself and get the satisfaction of a delicious drink when you make it like a boss. 



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