10 Christmas Films That Are Worth a Watch | Victoria Lucy

Now I know everyone has their favourite and most hated Christmas film.   Therefore, I know this list is not for everyone.  Yet if you love Christmas, I'm sure any film will get you feeling festive and merry. These are my top ten, for now. I'm sure they will be subject to change in years to come. There is a giant mix of the recommendations below from the Christmas classics to really cheesy films that make you cringe with happiness. So here you go, I hope you enjoy. Bear in mind these are not ranked in order rather just ten you should give a watch. 


A Christmas classic if you haven't watched it were have you been?

Love Actually 

A Christmas classic + a serial rom-com with everyone falling in love all around you. Whats not to like?

 The Holiday

Sweet, refreshing and a good one to watch to ease you into the Christmas film season.

Deck the Halls

This one is like Christmas just threw up on you. Sooooo... if you want some cheese and a real festive film this is the one for you and yeah... Danny Devitto, so whats not to like?

The Grinch

Feeling a bit Bah-Humbug about Christmas this year this one will get you in the mood.

Christmas With the Kranks

A little cheesy but still a good one to watch if you need some festive cheer.

A Wish for Christmas

Super duper cheesy by fantastic if you're in the mood.

A Christmas Prince

Something a little newer that you haven't seen a million times already this Netflix 2017 Christmas movie for a fresh Christmas movie.

 A Christmas Detour

A short snappy, predictable flick that warms your heart a little inside.

 Miracle on 34th Street


A classic once again, you must have seen this? No explanation needed.



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